2020 Zandvoort Grand Prix Cancelled

Formula One Supporters were shocked to learn that the 2020 Zandvoort Dutch Grand Prix has been cancelled. This follows after thorough investigations into the global coronavirus pandemic, which has killed hundreds of thousands worldwide & infected millions. Operating the Grand Prix in Zandvoort could prompt an influx of contractions in The Netherlands. It should be mentioned that this Grand Prix hasn’t made an appearance on the F1 Calendar since 1985. Zandvoort was expected to return by May 3rd, with the government of The Netherlands having to demand Dutch GP Organizers cancel this venue.

When questioned on when Zandvoort will return to the Formula One Calendar, the Director of Dutch Motorsports provided official sentiments. He noted that everyone is ready for the race, but it’s best to remain patient. He pointed out that The Netherlands has waited 35 years for Zandvoort to return, another year won’t be that hard to overcome. It was mentioned that investigative reports from Formula One noted that even without spectators, infections would most likely spread amongst the F1 Grid. The Netherlands hasn’t seen their contracted infections of COVID-19 reach the minimum required for F1 to maintain a Grand Prix. The safety of Drivers, Team Personnel, and F1 Organizers is critical for CEO Chase Carey.

Chase Carey & the Board of Directors for Formula One are continuously reviewing what’s possible for the 2020 Calendar. It’d be previously announced that an agreement had been made with Silverstone, which was terminated less than several days after it’s the initial announcement. It’s now been announced that Austria will hold the Red Bull Ring Grand Prix, with approval being provided on the government level.

Possible Other Grand Prix’s

Nations like Belgium, Spain, Italy, France, Hungary, and Germany have all announced their desire to hold Grand Prix’s in 2020. The chances of this happening are minimal, with infection rates across the European Union being extensive in the majority of states. This includes Germany, Italy, Spain, and France. Risking the lives of team personnel won’t be supported by Chase Carey. It should be mentioned that when the Austrian Grand Prix unfolds, a maximum of eighty staff will be permitted for each team. This means the Grid will have 800 people in one location.