2021 Formula One Tyre Compound Reactions

Drivers in the Formula One paddock have started expressing concerns regarding the tyres for 2021. Pirelli have struggled to ascertain a reliable tyre for Formula One in years, with next season looking no different. Debates have ensued throughout the paddock about the possibility of changing Pirelli’s rubber & potentially sustaining a more reliable tyre. Paddock personnel have begun discussing this matter in greater folds, with Pirelli’s 2021 tyres first tested on November 28th at Bahrain International Circuit.

Senior drivers like Sebastian Vettel & Lewis Hamilton tested the 2021 tyre compound from Pirelli at Bahrain. Both recommended that tyre compounds used from this season be sustained for next year. The reasoning is because both champion-winning drivers expressed that blistering would worsen with this compound. Considering that blistering has been a continually growing problem with Pirelli, it’s expected that 2021 tyre compound will be rejected by the FIA.

The Team Boss for Mercedes AMG-Petronas has recommended that Formula One accept the reality of slower rubber, that it’s the exclusive method for ensuring tyres don’t blister & explode with future Grand Prix’s. Tyres not performing can lead to substantial issues for driver safety, which is something the FIA won’t risk under any circumstances.

Drivers Reactions

Alex Albon from Red Bull Racing expressed unease with the 2021 tyre compound, noticing that degradation of the tyres were greater than expected. Albon noted that Pirelli is moving the wrong way with development & should reconsider plans for 2022s compound. Alex Albon believes that manufacturing alterations is required for Pirelli to sustain a reliable tyre compound for Formula One.

Carlos Sainz & Lando Norris from McLaren Racing also expressed safety concerns with the 2021 Pirelli tyre compound. Both were questioned on the possibility of drivers vetoing the tyres, with both expressing it’ll be a decision discussed before 2021s season begins.