Airbnb Sponsoring the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics are quickly approaching, with sponsorship announcements beginning to be pre-emptively released. The most significant and shocking sponsorship announcement is that Airbnb will be the official sponsor for the 2020 Olympics. This sponsorship deal will remain active until the Los Angeles 2028 Olympic Games, which is an unusually long advertising deal for the Olympic Committee. This deal marks a significant change in marketing strategies for service-based corporations like Airbnb or Uber.

Airbnb will provide specialized and unique deals around the Tokyo Area when the Olympics begin. This deal focuses on the experience brand of Airbnb, where hosts must provide renters with more than just a home for the evening. All Tokyo Experiences will be centred around the Olympics. It should be noted that this arrangement won’t infringe on the prior advertising deals made with hospitality corporations like the Hilton.

Airbnb will provide an entirely new way to travel with the Olympics. Staying with Hotel Resorts can cost tens of thousands of dollars, it forces vacations to be shorter and less friendly. However, Airbnb costs are 25% of the average hotel. This means that fans of the Olympics selecting Airbnb can stay for more extended periods.

IOC Involvement

The Olympic Committee hasn’t confirmed this new advertising deal. The announcement came directly from Airbnb when representatives noted that they’d be attending the IOC Annual Meeting in Switzerland. This meeting determines the playtime of individual advertisements, and which corporations receive more opportunities for Olympic Ads then others. Typically, It’s corporations like Coca-Cola and Microsoft that receive priority sequence. Airbnb will have to fight against thirteen other corporations for exclusivity on certain games.

Airbnb Benefits

Selecting Airbnb for Hotel Reservations opens up numerous options. Instead of the standard hotel room, travellers can pick from a variety of rentals. These include apartments, cottages, sky lofts, condos and cabins in the forest. Those travelling to Tokyo can rent a residence located in their version of Times Square or can go outside the city to a small cottage in the woods surrounding Tokyo.

Prices are considerably lower than a hotel, with the average location costing anywhere from $100 to $150. Residents of Airbnb’s Services can anticipate full amenities, including television and the internet. The only significant difference in selecting Airbnb over a conventional hotel is that you are staying in someone else’s home, which comes with the risk of their own. Regardless, Airbnb will sell out their local rentals shortly after listings are offered for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.