Alexis Sanchez is Underperforming and is Overpaid at Man Utd

When a reporter from BBC Radio commented on Alexis Sanchez during Sunday’s match against Leicester City, it wasn’t about his ability as a football player, but the unbelievable size of his wages. This is, unfortunately, the primary discussion when it comes to the Chilian forward, especially when you consider that he hasn’t played a full match since Manchester United played against Leicester City in the opening game of the season. Alexis Sanchez is best known for his incredible salary. He is currently the highest-paid player at Manchester United and no one is talking about his ability or skills when it comes to playing on the pitch.

While others have managed to surge in form and confidence since Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was appointed caretaker manager at Manchester United, Alexis Sanchez has yet to indicate those signs and after a year since he signed from Arsenal. It looks like he is struggling to find his feet at Manchester United.

Alexis Sanchez at Manchester United

There’s no doubt that injuries have played a big role since he joined Manchester United, limiting him to only 886 minutes in the 2018/19 season. However, Sanchez is being judged over a much longer period where the evidence is available. This includes only 5 goals in a total of 35 matches, making it quite clear that Sanchez is underperforming.

Seeing as Alexis Sanchez has a contract with Manchester United until 2022, he has enough time to improve on his current skills and abilities. However, it’s impossible to imagine that he would be with Man Utd another 4 years if he doesn’t produce match-winning moments going forward.

On Sunday at Leicester City, Alexis Sanchez managed to make his first start in the league under Solskjaer. However, he barely made an impact during the game and was replaced by Anthony Martial during the 67 minute. During the match, he gave possession away far too often and seemed rather frustrated when he took his gloves off.

His salary, in part, is due to the fact that he benefited from various circumstances when he decided to make a move to Manchester United in January 2018. Sanchez was available for free which meant there was no transfer fee involved. He was a world-class, versatile player who had major success in La Liga, Serie A, and the Premier League. In addition, Man City had interest in him which meant an auction scenario developed which involved two of the richest clubs in the world, while Arsenal didn’t experience any pressure to sell the footballer as he was their top scorer for two of the last three seasons.

The end result was that Alexis Sanchez moved to Man Utd who were stressing that Man City was going to break away with their lead. Sing9ing him essentially killed two birds with one stone as they received a top player and prevented Man City from obtaining one. Unfortunately, he hasn’t been a key player for Man Utd since then and needs to start performing to stay there.