Amir Khan vs Lamont Peterson Rematch on 19th may 2012

Amir Khan vs Lamont Peterson Rematch on 19th may 2012: So after all the disputes and controversies which took placed on the 10th of December, 2011, when Amir Khan vs Lamont Peterson came head to head for a boxing match for the WBA/IBA welterweight titles hometown of Peterson at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, which after all the controversies was won by Lamont Peterson. This was one of the major upsets made as the fabled boxing icon. Joe copper was the appointed as the on field referee for the grand finale. Although the success was provocative but still was shocking for the entire world when the 27 year old Peterson was able to create history by defeating the boxing champion and hero 25 year old Amir Khan.

Amir Khan vs Lamont Peterson Rematch on 19th may 2012.

Khan was very annoyed with the controversy which took place in which two of his points were deducted unofficially by the referee. The dispute took place when the two respective judges; Valerie Dorsett and George Hill scored on the final standings as 113- 112 in the favor of Peterson, while on the other hand Nelson Vazquez scored it 115-110 in the favor of Khan. So due to this unofficial scoring declared Khan as the victorious as it was also being seen on various sports channel as showed it 114-111 for Khan and Harold Lederman from HBO showed 113-112 also in the favor of Khan. Referee deducted two points at the end of the match on the basis of foul play as head locking, shoving, pulling down and holding and hitting. These were allowed by the Referee Joe Cortez when Khan played against Marcos Maidana. In the match against Peterson Khan was defeated by 12 round split decision last December. The Fight in which Peterson gave Khan a very hard time in the last 8 rounds costing Khan the entire match where he lost a point in the 7th as well as in the 12th round. Khan claimed that he was credited with a point in the 1st round when he knocked down Peterson with his elbow but was not credited for the same knockdown done in the same round.
After when WBA ordered for a rematch last month and several offers made by Amir Khan finally Lamont Peterson has agreed on the mutual consent for a rematch forthe WBA/IBA welterweight title, which will be held on the 19th May at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, Las Vegas; as Khan’s spokesman has confirmed. The referee for the rematch between Khan and Peterson is still undecided but Khan will be hoping to have Joe Cortez as Referee from whom he got great luck in the match against Maidana. All eyes are set on the rematch and everyone is anxiously waiting for this match so that conclusion can be drawn that whether Khan can regain what he has claimed or will he face another defeat of his lifetime and will Peterson be able to retain the title for the second time also.Amir Khan vs Lamont Peterson Rematch on 19th may 2012face to each one time again come and see whats happen.