Arsenal Proves How Easy It Is To Replace a Legendary Manager

It can be quite a daunting task to fill the shoes of a club legend, simply ask Jose Mourinho, Louis van Gall, and David Moyes. Each of them will provide their own unique reasons as to why its been so difficult to replicate the world-class success of Manchester United’s Sir Alex Ferguson. However, you can easily imagine Unai Emery providing a broad smile on his face as he listens to their excuses.

Ferguson versus Wegner as Football Managers

When Arsene Wenger vacated the Arsenal manager’s office after nearly 22 years at the helm for the club, the initial story was that his successor will undoubtedly face the exact same nightmare at the Emirates as that of the football managers that have attempted to fill the shoes of Ferguson at Old Trafford. A football club that was managed by one man for over two decades that was renowned for becoming outdated and dysfunctional if you looked behind the scenes.

An imbalanced club that Ferguson left behind, while Wenger left one that was overflowing with talented players who were unfortunately unable to win the ball and players that took their eye of the prize while other teams started overtaking them. To be honest, there were clear differences between the teams Wenger and Ferguson left behind. Ferguson left a club that was frequently winning silverware, while Wenger left a club that managed to fall somewhat since its glory days during the 1990’s and 2000’s which Emery had to resolve all on his own since the moment he accepted the role.

Emery Steps In As New Arsenal Manager

There’s no denying that Emery had an extremely difficult task ahead of him when he walked into the manager’s office at Arsenal. However, within the first six months, the Spaniard proved that following in the footsteps of a club legend isn’t such an impossible task as most people believed it would be.

Arsenal is currently showing Manchester United how to easily and effortlessly make a transition with a brand-new manager from one era to the next. The comeback that Arsenal made on Sunday against Tottenham, as well as their incredible draw against Manchester United earlier this week, was the complete opposite of their performance while they were playing under Wenger. Arsenal and Emery have been smart with everything they set out to do, while the three managers that are attempting to lift Manchester United are failing horribly.

David Moyes was way too weak-willed and slow at Manchester United in terms of being ruthless with his inherited players. However, Emery is wasting no time when it comes to being assertive. He instantly signed off on Wilshere’s exit and quickly dealt with Mesut Ozil. He is willing to accommodate the unpredictable German, but only if it suits the club. Gone are the days where he is always indulged. Emery has always managed to improve on each player during training which is something Mourinho, Van Gall, and Moyes have struggled with at Manchester United.