Best Cricket Teams in 2018

Every cricket team dreams of being the best in the world. It’s an extremely proud moment to achieve the top rank in the ICC Ranking. Therefore, we would like to share the best cricket teams in the world for 2018.


India is ranked as the best cricket team in the world when it comes to the ICC Test Ranking and the ICC ODI Ranking while ranking third in the ICC T-20 Ranking. India achieved several milestones with Virat Kohli as the captain of the team. In 2018, Virat Kohli is considered the best cricket caption in the world where he claimed 37 victories as the captain for India. His outstanding performance also inspires young crickets to eventually play like him. India has played a total of 44 test matches and accumulated 5.313 points. Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja are ranked in the top 10 bowlers in the world where Jadeja is currently in 4th position, while Ashwin is ranked in 5th position. When it comes to batting, Virat Kohli is currently ranked as the 2nd best batsman in the world. With a 121 rating, India comfortably takes the number one spot in the world.

South Africa

South Africa currently ranks as the second best in the ICC Test Ranking and the ICC ODI Ranking. There are loads of legendary players in the South African squad. South Africa was previously ranked as the number 1 Test cricket team in the world before India surpassed them in 2018. They boasts with an incredible bowling squad in spin and pace bowling. Two of the most important players that led to South Africa ranking in 2nd place was Hashim Amla and AB de Villiers. Due to their incredible batting performance, most cricket teams feared to play against them as they were extremely strong as a team as well. AB de Villiers played for the South African team for an outstanding 13 years. There are three players from South Africa in the Top 10 batsman in the world, including AD de Villiers, Dean Elgar, and Aiden Markman. With a 117 rating, South Africa is second best in the world.

New Zealand

Known throughout the world as the “Black Caps”, New Zealand ranks third in the ICC Test Ranking. The most important player for New Zealand is undoubtedly Kane Williamson as his batting performance, and cricket skills played a huge role in the team’s success in recent years. He is also the only players in the New Zealand cricket team that made it onto the Top 10 batsman in the world where he is currently ranked in 4th position. When it comes to the bowling squad, there are a total of 2 bowlers from New Zealand in the Top 10 list of bowlers, including Neil Wagner and Trent Boult. What’s even more interesting is that New Zealand is considered the youngest team on the ICC Cricket Rankings as most of their players are very young. With a 102 rating, New Zealand is currently the third best cricket team in the world.