Bet on Call of Duty eSports

The popularity behind professional eSports has grown extensively during the COVID-19 pandemic. This growth was prompted after multiple sports leagues like Major League Soccer, Formula One, MotoGP, and IndyCar implemented eSport competitions with their professional athletes. Significant brands of this nature have allowed for eSport Tournaments under Apex Legends or Fortnite to grow substantially as well. It’s reached the point where the Nevada Gaming Control Board has approved legalized sports betting on games like Fortnite, Counter-Strike, iRacing, League of Legends, and Dota Two.

The NGCB announced today that a new eSports Competition had received approval for legalized sports betting, with that brand being the Call of Duty League. There are conditional factors with this approval that bookmakers must follow. It’s demanded that licensed bookmakers receive authorization from the NGCB to offer this product. Only specific wagers will be permitted, with those including Head-to-Head and Match Winner. It should be noted this approval sustains itself throughout 2020. CODL Organizers will have to re-apply for 2021 for a continued presence with online sportsbooks.

Confirmations on the Call of Duty League being legalized in Nevada follows after organizers announced that CODL would move towards a digital format. That format won’t be broken until the novel coronavirus receives a global vaccine. Following this approval, Nevada Sportsbooks will showcase betting packages for the “Chicago Huntsmen Home Series”. This is the 1st venue in the CODL 2020 Season and is slated to begin on May 9th.

The Bookmakers Intent

Nevada’s Gaming Control Board is requiring that all sportsbooks with operational licenses provide their Enforcement Division with an intent notification. That’ll allow the NGCB to have records on the bookmaker’s official rulesets, promotional guidelines, and wagering capabilities. Organizers with the Control Board can revise these intent notifications for the protection of consumers. All of these back and forth must be accomplished before May 9th.

Bookmakers have been advised that In-Play Betting Options aren’t permitted and that all accepted wagers must be recorded for auditing procedures after each event. The extensive security protocols being implemented is because of the popularity behind the Call of Duty brand, which earns billions yearly in sales and microtransactions.