Bold MMA Predictions for 2019

The MMA had some incredible moment in 2018. Amanda Nunes who knocked out Cris Cyborg during the first round. Khabib Nurmagomedov who jumped over the cage after defeating Conor McGregor. Jon Jones making a return after some serious drama. Eddie Alvarez and Demetrious Johnson joining ONE Championship. The list goes on. This begs the question as to what we can expect in 2019? Let’s look at the most popular predictions for the year and see if we hit the nail on the head.

Max Holloway To Win The Lightweight Championship

Whether it’s an interim belt or the undisputed title that Khabib Nurmagomedov currently holds, there’s a great chance that Holloway will claim it. Nurmagomedov will probably only fight once in 2019 and as it stands, Holloway isn’t the number 1 pick for the fight. However, Holloway is making his way to 155 pounds in this year and when he does, there is definitely going to be a title on the line. We predict that Holloway will claim it.

The UFC Will Either Get Rid Of Or Change Its Rankings

Is this a wish or bold prediction? You can be the judge of that. Either way, UFC is long overdue to clean up their rankings. They are causing way too much controversy and are essentially broken. We are not even sure if the voters are actually humans. Life would be much easier without them at Zuffa HQ. The UFC will also finally include Jens Pulver and Frank Shamrock into the Hall of Fame. How long did we have to wait for this?

Nurmagomedov To Suffer His First Loss

There’s no denying that Nurmagomedov is a beast. He managed to destroy all opponents in the octagon since he arrived onto the scene. However, his record should include a loss this year when he faces Tony Ferguson. This fight needs to occur and when it does, Ferguson is going to shock the world when his hand is raised at the end of the fight. Although he’s not considered a striker like McGregor, he does have a lot that Conor doesn’t, including a stronger wrestling background and ground game. This will be vital against Nurmagomedov who is currently the best MMA grappler.

Conor McGregor Will Be Winless in 2019

McGregor’s last victory occurred in 2016, he didn’t enter the octagon in 2017, and was demolished in 2018. You can even make a bolder prediction by stating that McGregor will not see the inside of an octagon in 2019 when you look at his current lifestyle and paycheck. He has an extra mouth to feed now and will not get the same paycheck when he decides to face a Japanese kickboxer. However, McGregor does love a challenge and is looking for a rematch against Nurmagomedov. However, the chances of that happening is near impossible. McGregor will not let the 2018 defeat go and its essentially all he is looking for at the moment. Therefore, we believe nothing will occur for the Irishman in 2019.