Carlos Sainz Reacts to Sergio Perez Departure

The Formula One Paddock is having mixed reactions towards the announced of Sergio Perez departing Racing Point, with the Mexican-born driver still maintaining a contract until 2022. Reactions are mixed because Sergio Perez leaving Racing Point could mean his departure from Formula One but guarantees that Sebastian Vettel will remain in the motorsport for years to come. Vettel has been signed for a multi-year contract with Racing Point for 2021, which is being rebranded the same year into Aston Martin F1 Racing.

McLaren-Renault Driver Carlos Sainz hasn’t reacted positively to the announcement of Sergio Perez being fired. The Spanish-born competitor expressed that performance wasn’t remotely considered in Checo’s departure from Racing Point. Sainz mentioned that other interests would’ve been involved, and it’s brought anger towards specific individuals in the paddock. It’s a direct reference to Lawrence & Lance Stroll, the father and son responsible for Sergio’s contractual termination.

Carlos Sainz emphasized that Sergio Perez being terminated proves Formula One isn’t about performance any longer. Perez maintains the more robust performance of Racing Point’s drivers, often out-qualifying & out-placing Lance Stroll on the grid. Sainz also reminded the F1 Paddock that Sergio Perez saved Racing Point from bankruptcy and that thousands wouldn’t have continued their employment without the Mexican’s endorsements/sponsors.

The Saviour & Forgotten

Most forget Sergio Perez is the direct reason that Racing Point remained in Formula One, and that Lawrence Stroll could purchase the motorsport team & turn it into Aston Martin F1 Racing. When Vijay Mallya was found to have connections with the “Panama Papers”, and was banned from international travel, the once multi-billionaire was forced to sell Racing Point to Lawrence Stroll. Most sponsors remained onboard amid the controversy with Vijay Mallya, which is primarily thanks to Sergio Perez convincing endorsers to trust Lawrence Stroll. That trust Perez has in Lawrence Stroll is likely lost now.

Carlos Sainz would end his statements by mentioning every driver has to accept the political decisions associated with contracts. However, Sainz noted that everyone competing on the paddock hate how team owners engage with the acquisition of new drivers. Considering politics over performance isn’t how races are ultimately won, and Lance Stroll could find himself struggling to overcome the skillsets of Sebastian Vettel. Sergio Perez wouldn’t have had any issues.