Chris Mavinga Resigned to Toronto FC

Club signings regarding the Toronto Football Club are being released weekly. The most recent announcement pertains to Chris Mavinga, who has been re-signed to TFC under a new contract. Unfortunately, the details related to that deal weren’t disclosed by the sporting association. It was confirmed that Mavinga would remain with TFC for three years moving forward. This comes after Chris has previously made $640,000.00 last year with the football club.

When the General Manager made this announcement of TFC, he expressed that Chris Mavinga has maintained a substantial role with the football club’s soccer since 2017. Comments continued with it being noted that Mavinga has the talent and tools required to compete in this league’s biggest games, with the coaching staff excited to extend this contract until 2023.

Chris Mavinga first joined the Toronto Football Club on January 31st, 2017. Throughout his three seasons, he’s maintained eighty-six professional appearances. The coaching staff and team enthusiasts express that his talents are one of the main reasons why Toronto acquired championship contention in 2019. It should be noted that Mavinga maintained a significant role with the TFC in 2018, which is when they won the MLS Championship. Mavinga and Bradley are the two dedicated players that took minimal pay cuts to remain with the reds in 2020.

Previous victories for Chris Mavinga include the 28-year-old joining the French Men’s National Team. He competed with his national team at the Under-19, Under-20, and Under-21 levels. His talents afforded the French with the 2010 UEFA U-19 Championship. An unexpected championship for Mavinga included acquiring the African Cup of Nations in 2015. Chris Mavinga is an international football superstar who is best suited to TFC.

Championship Progression

The General Manager for the Toronto Football Club expressed that coaching staff wanted to maintain the same players from the 2019 Season. The combination of Alejandro Pozuelo, Jozy Altidore, Michael Bradley and Chris Mavinga is unlike anything else in Major League Soccer. The strategy going forward is to enhance the teammate response times amongst Pozuelo and Altidore, which coaching staff determined is the reason why the championship was lost. It should be noted that another attacker will be hired for the 2020 MLS Season, with this attacker assisting Pozuelo and Altidore in their compatibility.

Sports analysts have begun debating who will win the 2020 MLS Championship Cup, with 33.3% indicating that the Toronto Football Club has immediate contention for the semi-finals. However, most anticipate that the championship season in 2020 will be identical to 2019, with other MLS organizations having stronger offensives. Regardless, Mavinga Fans are happy with TFC’s decision.