Colby Cave Passes Away at 25

The National Hockey League mourned the loss of one of their youngest athletes in Canada. Colby Cave from the Edmonton Oilers passed away on March 11th, which followed after he suffered from a brain injury earlier that week. The brain began to bleed and prompted the Forward to enter a coma. It’d take less than 48 hours for Colby Cave to pass away, with his family stating that both families are shocked by how he passed away and will dearly miss him. The hockey community expressed similar sentiments. It’s one of the most unexpected deaths with the NHL in 10+ years.

Colby Cave was born in Battleford, Saskatoon and lived until the age of twenty-five. The Edmonton Oilers Forward was living in Barrie, Ontario throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic for the safety of his family. After acquiring the unknown brain injury, Colby was medically-induced into a coma at the Sunnybrook Hospital. This was after the NHL Forward was airlifted from Barrie to Toronto, Ontario. Immediately after arriving at Sunnybrook, he entered an emergency surgery. A Colloid Cyst was found and removed after it was producing significant pressure on Colby Cave’s brain. Doctors reviewed his condition for 24 Hours before the brain was overfilled with blood during the medically-induced coma. Colby wouldn’t die before doctors stopped the medically-induced coma, allowing him to say his final words through Walkie Talkie to his wife and parents.

The Unfortunate Conditions

Family members connected to Colby Cave expressed their anger and sadness through social media over his passing. His wife mentioned that neither herself nor his parents were able to stand by his side. Social distancing measures in Canada forced them to speak with Colby through a Walkie Talkie. Afterwards, they could only see him through a window for a short period. New measures were implemented during his stay, which required zero visitors in over 90% of the hospitals across Canada. They weren’t aware that it’d be the last time they’d ever see their Husband or Child.

Nurses tending to Colby Cave removed his wedding band from his fingers, tying it to his ankle and allowing it to be burned. His wife noted that she couldn’t wait until the day when they can kiss again, hear each other’s voices and squeeze each others’ hands.