Daniel Riccardo Starts Testing Next Week

F1 Drivers have begun returning to their regular testing regiments. The first permitted to test Silverstone during the 2020 Post-COVID Testing was Valtteri Bottas, with Lewis Hamilton following the next day. Red Bull Racing has also been allowed to test at Silverstone, with Alex Albon being the primary tester & Max Verstappen having not been photographed. That indicates Verstappen is struggling to surpass travel restrictions in Austria, forcing the driver to wait until July 8th to compete.

Supporters behind Daniel “The Honey Badger” Riccardo are more excited for what’s to come with this Australian. Riccardo is being permitted to test his 2020 Renault at the Red Bull Ring starting June 16th, meaning the Australian has been allowed to travel from his home nation to Austria. It’s known that Riccardo will test alongside his newest teammate, Esteban Ocon. Significant benefits are provided to Renault by being permitted to start testing at Spielberg, as it’ll offer them an advantage over outfits testing at Silverstone. Some motorsport analysts expect Renault to perform better than Mercedes AMG-Petronas during the initial two races this season because of their advantage.

The Formula One Calendar was revised for 2020, allowing organizers to account for the COVID-19 pandemic. Not maintain a season this year was impossible for F1 Teams, with millions to billions being lost. Speculation now surrounds lower-grade teams like Renault and Hass. Insiders have claimed that these teams will leave Formula One in the coming years, with Riccardo having proven Renault’s disappearance from F1 before 2025. This follows with Daniel Riccardo announcing he’d been switching to McLaren Racing after Carlos Sainz moved to Scuderia Ferrari. It’s left Renault without a title driver for the 2021 Formula One Season, acting as another nail in their inevitable coffin that’ll lay to rest.

Lost Skillsets

F1 Fanatics are being informed not to expect the same level of professional racing. Most of these drivers haven’t tested their 2020 vehicles for more than several days, with their capabilities to handle the G-Forces being lost over four months of social distancing. It’ll take specific drivers one or two races to become accustomed to these G-Forces. Drivers like Lando Norris and Daniel Riccardo won’t have to worry about this problem. They’ve continuously trained their bodies to remain physically active. It’ll be interesting to see how Daniel Riccardo performs in his 2020 Renault on June 16th.