David Stern Experiences Brain Hemorrhage

The Former Commissioner for the National Basketball Association, David Stern, has suffered a brain hemorrhage. This occurred on December 19, 2019 and resulted in an immediate evacuation to emergency surgery via helicopter. The announcement of his injury came directly from the NBA, where they provided insight on his conditions and their prayers for the 77-year-old man.

Fans have begun expressing their sadness through social media accounts, which doesn’t come as a surprise. David Stern acted as the National Basketball Association Commissioner for three decades before he was replaced in February 2014 by Adam Silver. Even when he passed down the role, this man continued as Commissioner Emeritus for the NBA. It’s seen him remain prevalent in the league, providing new ideas and insights to Adam Silver.

Stern’s History

David Stern is considered the father of the NBA. He’s the man who brought this league into its incredible growth and international appeal, with his efforts being directly behind the 200 countries that televised professional basketball in forty languages. Unfortunately, it would be one of these international games where the news of David Stern would be revealed. Dallas and Detroit were battling it out with each other in Mexico City when the event was uncovered.

Numerous individuals have already offered their love and support for David Stern, including the well-known Magic Johnson. Magic is close friends with Stern, who assisted Johnson in his retirement after the HIV Scandal in 1991. Without his friendship, Magic Johnson wouldn’t have returned for an All-Star Game the next year. Inevitably, with the support of Stern, this professional basketballer was able to return to the league. Johnson would go on to inspire amazing athletes like Koby Bryant, LeBron James, and Steph Curry with his return to the NBA.

Additional accomplishments that were made by David Stern throughout his time as commissioner includes creating the NBA Development League and Women’s National Basketball Association League. David Stern even had a significant hand in creating the Mexico-based NBA that’s slated to start with the 2020-21 season. Genuine fans wish him the best of luck and hope that this influential man can return to see the first game for MNBA.