Egypt Off to Fantastic Start in Africa Cup of Nations

When the victory came from Egypt, it was no surprise to see one of their talented wingers rush past two defenders before cutting inside and providing an unstoppable strike to place the ball in the far corner, erupting the stadium during the opening night of the Africa Cup of Nations tournament. However, it wasn’t the player that everyone was expecting it to be. The unpredictable left-sided player, Trezeguet, was the player who allowed the hosts to claim victory during their first test, while Mohamed Salah enjoyed a rare night off.

Mohamed Salah managed to break through quite late only to be dissatisfied by a low save from Elvis Chipezeze, the substitute goalkeeper for Zimbabwe, and it was his second attempt on goal that was squandered. Salah didn’t provide anything magical on this humid night, especially nothing in term of justifying the enormous anticipation around the stadium whenever he had the ball in his possession en route to the opponent’s goal.

However, a little imprecision is usually forgiven on the opening day of a prestigious tournament in Africa. Egypt managed to scrape through on the field that allowed them to advance to January at the very least. The team handed the pressure of the kick-off quite well, and there are undoubtedly more goals to come from the team before the tournament is over.

Egypt’s Stress-Free Evening

Egypt was looking for an evening without any unexpected disasters, especially when you consider the recent tragedy in football history the country faced. During the 20th minute of the match, chants rang around the stadium in memory of the 20 fans who passed away following a confrontation with police in 2015. During the 74th minute, more chants spread across the stadium accompanied by cellphone light to honour the 74 fans that died in Post Said 3 years before that. Football has been played under a dark cloud ever since in Egypt, and a win during the Africa Cup of Nations will undoubtedly prove that the country can move on.

The stadium was warmed up during the opening ceremony thanks to firework displays and lasers around three pyramid models, exceeding most expectations from those situated in the stadium. The Egypt football team burned brightly throughout the first half and experienced a rather strange second half. However, the Egypt football team managed to walk away with 3 points and at the end of the day, that’s what truly matters in this competition.

Egypt Needs to Play Better

Zimbabwe was smart, lively, and provided loads of trouble for Egypt during the opening match. However, the team admitted that there weren’t enough chances created on the pitch, which caused the game to be given to Egypt after 90 minutes. It’s for this very reason that Egypt needs to pull up their socks as they will need to play much better in the upcoming games to ensure they advance through to the later stages of the tournament. This includes Salah as their striker!