Esteban Ocon Ready After Delayed F1 Return

The Formula One Community weren’t anticipating that Esteban Ocon would return after losing his seat with Racing Point. Those supporters were surprised to learn he’d acquired placement with Renault after the French team terminated Nico Hulkenberg. It meant that 2020 would mark the 1st time that Esteban Ocon had raced professionally since 2018.

The French-born driver couldn’t help remarking that fate feels to have conspired against him, refusing to allow Ocon the right to compete. Sentiments of disbelief were commented by Ocon after he mentioned that the delayed 2020 season brought significant depression onto him. Esteban didn’t believe he’d race in Formula One until 2021 after the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded worldwide.

Esteban Ocon left the Formula One Grid in infamy, having a minor scuffle with Max Verstappen months before his final race with Racing Point. The drama would unfold amid Ocon & Lance Stroll, who were formally best friends. That friendship would end after Lawrence Stroll purchased Racing Point & employed his son as the first-tier driver. Rumours suggested that Ocon would return for 2019 with Renault, with that position lost to Daniel Ricciardo. Promises from Cyril Abiteboul behind-the-scenes ensured Ocon he’d compete for 2020, with that information not becoming publicly available until January of this year.

The French-born driver had the opportunity to compete with Mercedes AMG-Petronas, taking the position of Reserve Driver. Racing with Lewis Hamilton was lost to Esteban Ocon after Toto Wolff decided that George Russel would be a better asset for Mercedes. It prompted the French native to lose his reserve driver position.

The Highs & Lows of Esteban Ocon

This prompted Esteban Ocon to remark that everything felt against him for the last two years, noting that he might be smiling for the cameras but continues to cry inside until racing resumes. Ocon clarified that 2019 was the most challenging year of his life & that his mindset towards life changes. When he was guaranteed position with Renault, that started to change & Esteban focused on training. That depression would slightly resume with the 2020 Formula One Season was initially cancelled. Fans have expressed their hope that Esteban will mentally recover from the struggles he’s faced without having access to the best career possible worldwide.