Euro Cup 2012 Football Championship Starts from Today

Fans are still waiting and Finally Euro Cup 2012 Football Championship Starts from Today 8 June 2012. According to paris official news from Football fans club that after world Cup the biggest event of football that is Euro cup 2012 is coming up with the same importance as previously. This event is co hosted by Poland and Ukraine collectively. This football event is Scheduled after every 4 years. The Opening matches are two first Match is will be between Poland vs Greece and second opening match will be between Russia v Czech Republic.

UEFA Euro Cup 2012 Football Championship Starts

These matches and opening ceremony of euro 2012 will be Scheduled at Warsaw, Poland. Germany team is in Group B. Euro Cup Group B matches will be starts from 9 June. Germany will be head to head with Purtagal in their first match. If we come to know the status of Purtagal in football History than we come to know that this team is act as power house. Germany team is getting training session for Euro Cup 2012 now a days and their training session will be end soon. German chancellor is most active in increasing the morale of German Team in respect of other Football teams.

The Players gets motivation by these Activities when managers and other administrative meet every single players during Training session. The Prediction and assessments about euro cup finals is continuously making now a days before starting of Euro Cup 2012. The Experts said that Euro Cup final Teams Germany and France is having an ability head to head with one another in Finals. final match will be played in Ukraine. Only Germany and Spain won all matches in Qualifying round for Euro Cup. Germany is also favorite for this Year UEFA European league.

Euro 2012 Opening Ceremony

The Finalists
Group A
Czech Republic

Group B

Group C

Group D