F1 2021 Calendar Unveiled by FIA

The timeframe between Formula One’s 2020 & 2021 seasons is minimal, providing drivers with their shortest vacation period in decades. Seasonal events for next year begin in March, prompting the “FIA World Motorsport Council” to confirm calendar dates for 2021. Most venues confirmed were known to supporters for months, with excitement continuing to flourish as 23 Grand Prix’s await next season. It’ll be the highest volume of races seen in Formula One history.

23 Grand Prix’s won’t become the norm for Formula One, with the FIA determining additional races must be sustained to regain financial revenue lost this year. Formula One supported seventeen races in 2020, the motorsports lowest calendar in decades. Multiple teams contested 23 Grand Prix’s & noted that legislative changes would be required to account for the increase in racing. Motorsport teams like Scuderia Ferrari & Haas have requested “Night Crews” for 2021. That’s because multiple triple-headers are being sustained next season, with three triple-headers never being accomplished in Formula One history.

The FIA World Motorsport Council didn’t detail details regarding the possibility of supporter attendance in 2021. Inside sources expected that FIA Executives would demand Pfizer or Moderna Pharmaceutical vaccinate supporters before attending races. That would guarantee Covid-19 not spreading throughout the upcoming venues. It should be clarified that confirmations were made by the Australian Government this month, which noted Formula One could not host fans during the Melbourne Grand Prix.

Multiple circuits are returning to the calendar, like Bahrain & Monaco. Few locations are changing, with two tracks that weren’t hosted this year arriving in 2021. Supporters are excited to see drivers compete at Zandvoort, where Max Verstappen is expected to win. Unexpected racing is also anticipated at the Jeddah Grand Prix in Saudi Arabia.


An unfortunate reality about the 2021 Formula One Campaign is that the FIA isn’t permitting double-headers. Analysts anticipate that motorsport outfits like Mercedes, Red Bull, Ferrari, Aston Martin, and McLaren will struggle because of nearly six back-to-back Grand Prix’s. There’ll be an exclusive one-week break between races at Spa, Zandvoort, Monza, Sochi, Singapore, and Suzuka. That resting period comes between Monza & Sochi. The FIA World Motorsport Council must allow teams to acquire additional personnel for calendar plans to flourish.