Ferrari Threatens Toto Wolff with VETO

The battle between Ferrari and Mercedes-AMG is never-ending, even on occasions where it doesn’t benefit their respective goals. This was proven again today when the Chief Executive of Ferrari announced that they’d implement their VETO card against Toto Wolff. This applies to the Mercedes-AMG Team Boss becoming the Chief Executive Officer of Formula One, which would’ve seen Lewis Hamilton most likely move to the Tifosi Gang. Matteo Binotto and Louis Camilleri have cancelled these plans for Toto Wolff.

The six-time world champion of Formula One, Lewis Hamilton, would’ve potentially switched his future in the racing league if Wolff had left. However, there’s a significant chance that Toto Wolff will remain in his current position. It should be noted that Ferrari didn’t make this decision purely on hatred against Toto Wolff; it was because the team desires an unbiased figure as the CEO in 18-months time.

Louis Camilleri emphasized that somebody important in the Formula One world isn’t the best choice for this role, that it would prompt conflicts of interest and be un-beneficial for the sport. Subsequently, Ferrari believes that an entertainment executive is best suited for the task. Toto Wolff should take these threats seriously, as even though a Veto is a last resort tool, Ferrari doesn’t have any issue implementing it going forward.

The History

The chief executive officer that currently maintains Formula One is Chase Carey, who informed the public he’d be stepping down from this role in eighteen months. This is being done so he can pursue future ventures in other forms of motorsport entertainment. He made his retirement announcement at Maranello when all drivers and associated team members had a press-briefing lunch. Immediately fans anticipated that this would reshape the future for Lewis Hamilton, as Carey publicly acknowledged his desire to see Wolff oversee his transition into retirement and step into the role himself. Hamilton immediately scuffed that he wouldn’t remain with the Silver Arrows, clearly upset at the idea of losing another mentor.

Since that announcement, numerous rumours have surrounded Lewis Hamilton joining the Ferrari Team. Louis Camilleri confirmed that Hamilton had met with John Elkann, the Chairman of Ferrari. However, it was noted that this meeting was engaged at a social event and was taken out of context by reporters. The discussions of joining the team were more done in a comedic manner than genuine reality. Louis Camilleri spoke with Motorsport, where he mentioned that Binotto and Hamilton would ultimately create a contract if these discussions were serious. However, the news that Toto Wolff will most likely remain with Mercedes and that these Ferrari talks with Hamilton were overstated, means that the chances of this team alteration are unlikely for the six-time champion.