First Woman Taking on Formula 1

Tatiana Calderón is the 26-year-old racing driver from Colombia. She is also a test driver for Alfa Romeo’s Formula 1 team, and she races for BWT Arden in the FIA Formula 2 Championships. Now she is the first woman in more than four decades who has her aim set on Formula 1. The previous lady on the tracks was Leila Lombardi from Italy, and the first-ever woman to race in Formula 1 was another Italian lady, Maria Teresa Filippis.

Tatiana Calderón

Calderón grew up in Colombia, and she states that from the age as young as nine years old, she knew that she wanted to race. Her childhood years were often spent at the tracks with her family and partaking in kart racing soon became her favourite way to past her time. Calderón believes that racing is one of the few sports where women and men can compete on equal terms. She follows a rigorous training program and spent 2-4 hours daily in the gym. Mentally she is also preparing through seeing a sport psychologist 1-2 times per week. According to Calderón, there are many elements which are considered essential when training to become great at a sport. She also states that she has learned so much from partaking in competition throughout her career.

She believes that one has to trust in the time it takes to get prepared in the way it is needed, to excel. She believes that self-confidence takes time to develop and that often people want things right away. She believes that you should instead take the time to find what brings you the best results than following other’s recipe for their success. One must have the confidence that success will come when you apply your passion with both dedication and patience.

The Focus

She stated that one should be involved in sports for the love of it and the challenge which it delivers. Your results shouldn’t dictate your career. Through the course of your job, you will see some big rewards and great disappointment and be great; you need to go through both. In the end, it is your love for what you are doing that takes you to the top.

As a woman in a male-driven sport, she has been confronted with loads of criticism throughout her career. She said that some have told her that she doesn’t belong in racing. Her solution to these kinds of criticism is to use it as motivation to become better, to always improve herself and her performance.

Improving her performance is indeed what she is doing. For the remainder of 2019, Calderón will still be racing in Formula 2, but she believes that she is 100% capable of driving Formula 1 and if no chances are coming her way soon, she will find a sponsor to stay in on Formula 2 for her end goal remains to be in Formula 1.