George Russel Beats Leclerc

The Virtual Spanish Grand Prix unfolded on May 10th, with notable Formula One Drivers and sports athletes competing for the podium. Unexpected grid positions revealed after a noteworthy battle between Charles Leclerc and George Russel, with Russel coming victorious. George didn’t anticipate winning after losing his pole position to Esteban Gutierrez and Charles Leclerc, prompting Russel into 3rd place to battle Nicholas Latifi. Ferrari’s youngest historic driver completed a risky overtake over Esteban Gutierrez, allowing for Charles Leclerc to hold 1st place position for the majority of the Spanish Grand Prix.

Most were anticipating that Alex Albon would maintain a stable grid position, with the Vietnamese driver failing to uphold anything higher than fourth. It followed after Albon pitted on the 2nd lap, trying to implement a specialized strategy that’d undercut Charles Leclerc. This immature pitting on Albon didn’t allow him to exceed past 4th place.

It’s because of this failed pitstop that Charles Leclerc believed he’d be victorious, that was until George Russel obtained the fastest time on lap twenty. The British Driver quickly was passing fellow Formula One competitors, reaching 2nd place in five laps. He’d inevitably overtake Charles Leclerc on the 5th lap. Both drivers held a three-second time penalty, allowing for Russel to ultimately be victorious.

The Tifosi Gang was disappointed when Charles Leclerc couldn’t obtain victory in Spain. The challenge was substantial, with Leclerc having to overtake George Russel and then make a three-second gap with few laps to spare. Regardless of the events that unfolded, it was a significantly entertaining event that saw grid positions that wouldn’t be possible in F1s current realistic environment. Supporters behind George Russel hope the British Driver can obtain a genuine podium placement by 2021.

When questioned on how it felt winning the Spanish Grand Prix, George noted how he missed being victorious, which hasn’t been possible for 24+ months since leaving Formula Two. Russel also revealed that when he knew Charles had a three-second time penalty towards the end of the race, his excitement was unreal. George claims he almost threw himself from his racing seat and ran around the room with personal applause.