Golden State Warriors Prepare for Playoffs Early

As the Golden State Warriors are currently enjoying their best basketball of the 2018/19 season, they continue to believe that their best stretch is still to come even though they have managed to win 11 consecutive matches after causing destruction against the Indiana Pacers in a 132-100 victory on Monday evening.

“Coach, how many games have we played – I believe its 50,” Stephen Curry stated. “You can’t believe how quickly that dawns on you. You return from the All-Star break, and you still have 30 matches to play. So you immediately switch to playoff mentality to ramp things up, so we decided to start things early this season.”

The Unbelievable Winning Streak of the Golden State Warriors

With the recent victory, the Golden State Warriors managed to complete a 5-0 road trip which reminded the rest of the NBA league just how dominant this squad can be once they lock in and get ready to compete every night.

“Remarkable trip,” Steve Kerr stated, head coach for the Golden State Warriors. ”It was a phenomenal way to finish the journey too where everyone was contributing and playing, leading by example from start to finish. To be honest, I was a little concerned about the last matchup as everyone on the team was anxious to get back home. However, we managed to finish the road trip in the perfect way to continue our momentum for the rest of the reason. We’re in a very good place, but we need to keep going.”

The Golden State Warriors have managed to win 10 consecutive road matches and scored at least 110 points in each and every game. They are the 3rd team in the history of the NBA to have a winning streak of this kind.

The Key Players in the Team

As per usual, it is Stephen Curry who is leading by example for the rest of the team. By scoring 6 additional 3-pointers on Monday evening, he became the first player in the history of the NBA to reach 200 3-pointers in less than 40 matches. Curry also missed a total of 11 games earlier in the season due to an injury to the groin.

The other key for the Golden State Warriors, who were competing without Draymond Green on Monday evening, is DeMarcus Cousins who is the brand-new centre for the team and how quickly he managed to settle in along his new teammates. Cousins, who managed to return to the floor on 18 January 2019 after almost missing a year of action due to an injury, managed to accumulate 22 points during Monday’s clash and is averaging 7 rebounds and 15.2 points a match in his first 5 matches for the season.

“Cousins is looking more confident and athletic in every game he plays,” Curry stated in a recent interview. “He has a lot more rhythm since he joined the team and knows where to go to get enough touches on the ball.”