Hamilton Discusses 2021 Contract

Formula One Supporters hoping that Lewis Hamilton would be eliminated from the motorsport in 2021 could find themselves disappointed. Negotiations between Hamilton & Mercedes were confirmed to continue onwards by Lewis on December 14th. Contractual agreements with Mercedes AMG-Petronas & Hamilton have exceeded $100 Million over the last three years. Delays in reaching an agreement is because monetary compensation requested by Hamilton exceeds the funds available to Mercedes after Covid-19. After contracting the virus, himself, it appears Hamilton is more willing to salary reductions for 2021 & beyond.

It’s unheard-of championship-winning drivers receiving reductions in salary. However, Lewis Hamilton acquired his 7th championship during the first pandemic seen in a century. This has prompted numerous changes to Formula One, with an essential sport-wide revisement issued. 2022 will see vehicles become considerably slower & drivers get paid drastically less under FIA Protocol. That means regardless of negotiations, Hamilton cannot get paid more than $15 Million in 2022.

Another Season, Another Championship.

Lewis Hamilton believes that contractual agreements would’ve been signed if he hadn’t contracted Covid-19. It was learned towards the end of November that Hamilton had sustained multiple positive infections of coronavirus, prompting his immediate removal from the second back-to-back Bahrain Grand Prix. George Russell would replace Lewis for one weekend, with most supporters hoping Hamilton wouldn’t return before the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Hamilton would return but acquire P3, not his regular P1. That alongside the skillsets displayed by George Russell could see less leverage for Hamilton in his negotiations. Regardless, Lewis promises his contract will be announced before Christmas.

Lewis Hamilton returning for 2021 would guarantee another championship for the British superstar, marking his 8th championship & likely 15+ additional pole positions to race wins. For individuals wanting to dominate over his records in future seasons of F1, this isn’t welcomed news. Max Verstappen notified in 2020 that dominating over Hamilton in his remainder with F1 is impossible, showing how accomplished Lewis has become.