How Lionel Messi Keeps Evolving

15 years after making his debut at Barcelona in a friendly match, Lionel Messi continues to go from strength to strength with some considering him to be an alien. Nearly half a lifetime ago, the sensational footballer played against Porto and has managed to break countless records since. The phenomenal goalscorer for the world famous Barcelona squad has claimed a total of 33 trophies for the team.

Now, at the age of 31, he is showing no signs of stopping, scoring 14 goals in a total of 13 games in every single competition for the 2018 season. He is also the joint top scorer when it comes to the La Liga League with a goal scored every 87 minutes even though he was out for 3 weeks due to a broken arm. So, how exactly does he do it?

An explanation surfaced last week by Spanish football writers Guillem Balague and Andy West who both wrote books on Lionel Messi. “The best theory we can come up with is that Messi is an alien. There’s no other way he can achieve what he does” said West. Balague added: “I wrote that there are 11 things you’ll need to become Messi and only an alien can have them all. Messi’s family nearly emigrated to Australia. Would Messi be around if he was born there? Highly doubtful. You need to have emotional intelligence, leadership, confidence, sacrifice, commitment, regularity of effort, ambition, and motivation. When you combine all of this, you’ll be Messi. However, it’s impossible to have it all it as that’s why there aren’t more Messi’s in the world of football.

How Did Messi Get Better?

Lionel Messi, who has managed to accumulate 219 goals in only 650 appearances for the Barcelona squad, has played for a total of 6 managers and is now the squad’s captain after Andres Iniesta departed. West stated: “Messi is open to adapting to new team-mates, new coaches, new playing positions, new situations and I believe its vitally important. When the greatest player in the history of the sport is open to change, the rest of us should be too.”

“Messi was a dribbler in the early days. He was able to do other things too, but his instinct was the obtain the ball and run as fast as possible towards the goal. Initially, Messi was head-down. However, over the years, Messi has managed to develop other aspects of the game as well. He has greatly improved his dribbling skills and is much better with his passing ability too.”

Lionel Messi’s Future

Messi is currently enjoying a break from duties in Argentina, failing to win a senior trophy for his home country in a total of 128 caps and managing to lose 4 finals. He will play for Barcelona until 2021 when he’s contract ends and has no desire to play for any other European football team. He does however wish to play for Newell’s Old Boys in Argentina if the opportunity ever presents itself. If you are interested in betting on Lionel Messi in his upcoming games, we highly recommend visiting for some of the best odds in the industry.