India’s one-run win not big enough to qualify for Semi Finals

India fail to reach the World T20 semi-finals despite Beating South Africa by just one run. Actually win is only seems as win when some one try to win against high Run Rate and India’s Luck is not there to support them in Tuesday’s Match here against South Africa Cricket Team. India and South Africa both Teams shows their best performance against each other in last day Match. The Moves and Strikes were slow but Runs were exactly according to need from both Teams So far.

India’s one-run win not big enough to qualify for Semi Finals

India and South Africa Cricket Team Combination was entertaining for both Countries fans but unfortunately India have to leave Srilanka after just a run win against South Africa. Last four Team are now having a most eligible Teams for this T20 World Cup 2012 and Pakistan,West Indies,Australia and Srilanka finally got a berth in this T20 World Cup 2012. Hosts Srilanka will meet Pakistan in the first Semi Final n Colombo on Thursday while Australia take on West Indies on Friday in the same Stadium. The Final is in Sunday.

After  India’s one-run Victory Dhoni told reporters: “121 was quite a low target to defend”.
“We lost one game and lost it badly,” said Dhoni. “Let’s be practical about the reason for our elimination – it’s not the fault of the players.”

South Africa won both their round-robin matches in the opening round but then lost all three Super Eight games.

“We played poor cricket and I am really disappointed especially after all the support we got,” said captain AB de Villiers.

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