Is Tiger Woods Ready for the Upcoming U.S Open?

The idea that Tiger Woods made an error by not participating in competitive golf tournaments between the PGA Championship and the Masters is not going to subside anytime soon, with legitimate arguments found on both sides of the table, mainly because he missed the cut at the second major championship of the year. However, there’s a benefit when you have tournament rounds two weeks before a major, as Tiger Woods logged in the weekend that passed at the Memorial Tournament where he managed to tie for 9th position.

Tiger Woods Gets Some Practice Before the U.S Open

Even though Muirfield Village is nothing compared to Pebble Beach in the U.S Open, that starts on 13 June 2019, the tournament did provide Woods with some valuable feedback on where he currently stands when it comes to his overall game. Woods wanted something positive before entering the U.S Open, and he indeed received just that to get the momentum going. Tiger Woods didn’t have it before the PGA Championship a couple of weeks ago. He decided to take an extended break after he claimed victory at the Masters, avoiding a possible tune-up at the renowned Wells Fargo Championship.

While there will come by huge debates whether this decision was right or not, no one can deny the fact that Tiger Woods wasn’t great at all while playing at Bethpage Black. He managed to practice before the tournament, but illness on Wednesday didn’t help.

Six rounds after the Masters is not the most significant sample size, but it does provide something for Woods to study. His 67 score at Muirfield Village on Sunday was his first score that was in the 60s since he achieved a 76 in Augusta National in the third round during the Masters. The most recent tournament also saw him get quite hot on the front end, while he ran into some difficulties on the back where he played two over for the entire week. However, Tiger Woods still managed to find a few greens and fairways over the weekend, and he seemed quite satisfied with the way he was striking the ball.

Preparing for the U.S Open

Tiger Woods has spent loads of time on the driving range of late to work out a few flaws. It’s something that you desperately need to do before a massive tournament takes place. The iron game from Woods was good at Muirfield, but not great. It has always been the key to his success and the greatest strength of his game. Apart from his iron game, Woods also needs to fine-tune other aspects of his game, including putting and driving. Fortunately, his putting no longer seems to be a significant issue as he put his way to victory at the Masters and did okay during the Augusta National. The same can be said for his driving abilities throughout the 2019 season. So everything should be off to a good start at Pebble Beach in June.