Kerala Strikers Vs Bengal Tigers Live Score Online CCL T20 2012

Kerala Strikers the most growing Cricket team in CCL matches. Although Molly wood celebrities are  players of this team captained by Mohanlal. Kerala Strikers get losses of previous two matches continuously. This time Bengal Tigers are going to play CCL T20 match against Kerala Strikers. If strikers wins this Kerala Strikers Vs Bengal Tigers that will be stay on 4th Feb. CCL T20 12th Match will be play as below given schedule between Kerala Strikers and Bengal Tigers. Strikers sealed victory of Mumbai Heroes in previous match whereas lost to Chennai Rhinos and Telugu Warriors in recent Matches of this season. Although CCL point table is not in favor of Kerala but potential is still there to lead them to the way of achievement. After this match Kerala Srikers will have to face two other teams to create hope for get place in CCL semi Final.

On the other Hand Bengal Tiger’s situation is not so different in this season, they have only two points at per current season record says.Bengal Tigers need to polish themselves by sealing victory of Kerala Strikers. Mohanlal was absent in their previous match, just because of this last opponent feels confident and get success but Mohanlal is still present in this Kerala Strikers Vs Bengal Tigers.

You can get the live updates of Score along with details of players and wickets in this CCL T20 match during match timings given below. The whole summary of Kerala Strikers Vs Bengal Tigers Live Score will be here soon…

Kerala Strikers Vs Bengal Tigers Live Score Online CCL T20 2012

Venue:     Hyderabad

Date:  03 Feb 2012

Time: 2PM IST

Result: Kerala Strikers win by 1 run

Toss: Bengal Tigers have won the toss and elected to field frist.

Kerala Strikers: 149/6 in 20 Overs

Extras: 14 runs

Kerala Batting: Navin pauly 2 runs (LBW by Sandy), Bala 15 runs (Run out), Mukundan 5 runs (Bowld), Rajeev pillai 59 runs (ct), Vivek Gopan 21 runs (ct), Prajod Kalabhavan 21 runs (ct), Bineesh Kodiyeri 3 runs (not out), Nikhil Menon 9 runs (not out)

Bangal Bowlling: Raja 4 Overs in 21 runs, Sandy 4 Overs 21 runs and 2 Wickets, Saugata 4 Overs 33 runs and 1 Wicket, Ruban 4 Overs in 29 runs and 1 wicket, Jisshu 1 Over in 14 runs, Indrasish 1 Over in 11 runs, Tabun 2 Overs in 16 runs and 1 wicket

Fow: 1/14, 2/55, 3/71, 4/95, 5/134, 6/142

Bengal Tigers Team: 148/4 in 20 Overs

Bengal Tigers Batting:Joy 13 runs (Run out), Sandy 28 runs (ct), Jisshu 69 runs (bowld), Saugata 15 runs (ct), Raja 5 runs (not out), Indrasish 1 run (not out)

Extras: 19 runs

Fow: 19/1, 93/2, 140/3, 144/4

Kerala Strikers bowling: Mani Kuthan 4 Overs 14 runs, Gopan 4 Overs 16 runs and 1 Wicket, Pillai 3 Overs 28 runs, Kurup 3 Overs 24 runs and 1 wicket, Kodiyeri 3 Overs 37 runs, Mukundan 3 Overs 25 runs and 1 wicketT

Kerala Strikers Team Squad Against Bengal Tigers

Mohan lal (captain), indrajith (vice captain), prithviraj, asif ali, kunchako boban, munna simon, bala,vinu mohan, vivek gopan, rajeev pillai, nikhil menon, nivin pauly, manikuttan, saiju kurup, prajod kalabhavan, riaz ahmad, unni mukundan, rejath menon, bineesh kodiyeri

Bengal tigers Team Squad Against Kerala Strikers

Jeet (captain), jisshu (vice captain), indraneil, joy, raja, tabun, saugata, babul, vivek,amitabh, indrajit, suman, sandy, srijit, kaushik, silajit

Kerala Strikers Vs Bengal Tigers Live Score Online CCL T20 2012

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