Kevin Magnussen on BLM Movement in Formula One

The Black Lives Matter Movement have created unexpected rifts throughout the Formula One Grid. Division amongst drivers began after Lewis Hamilton called upon F1 to end racism, claiming that everyone who participated in Formula One was racist & against him. This created backlash against Hamilton that’s grown since the Austrian Grand Prix. Pre-Race Ceremonies before an upcoming Grand Prix have seen F1 Drivers “Take a Knee”, with more & more electing not to participate, instead of standing during the Pre-Race Ceremonies. It’s to show their disagreement with certain aspects of the BLM Movement. However, all F1 Drivers have committed to ending racism.

Lewis Hamilton is the exclusive individual that’s worn the “Black Lives Matter” Formula One Shirt, with all other electing to wear the “End Racism” F1 Shirt. That’s because these drivers believe all races of people shouldn’t have to face intolerance in our modern society. Lewis Hamilton somewhat disagrees, finding the focus should be on Black Lives & that his people have been the most subjugated in history. Lewis Hamilton hasn’t considered the countless Muslims, Jewish, and Chinese that’ve died in recent history on larger scales than Africans.

Kevin Magnussen Explains his Position

Other drivers have begun speaking against Lewis Hamilton, expressing their thought process behind the decision not to kneel. This included Kevin Magnussen from Haas, who’d previously knelt during the Pre-Race Ceremonies in 2020. August 2nd at Silverstone marked the date where Kevin Magnussen elected to stand & join the six other drivers who hadn’t knelt since the beginning. This prompted Magnussen to mention his uncomforting feeling when kneeling in prior ceremonies, noting that certain political aspects of the BLM Movement he cannot agree with or stand-by.

Magnussen admitted that he didn’t want an association with the BLM Movement, that there are multiple aspects of the Movement he cannot agree with & like this won’t kneel. Kevin emphasized his decision to support instead of the overall ending of discrimination & racism of all people. Kevin is correct to believe that’s the right thing to do, mentioning that anyone who wants to kneel receives zero judgement from himself. Everyone in Formula One is free to represent whatever causes they desire.