LA Clippers Owner Donating to Covid-19 Relief

The Ballmer Group is receiving a $25 million donation from the Los Angeles Clippers owner, Steve Ballmer. Connie Ballmer is also listed as a contributor in this donation, with all funds going towards relief efforts in the Los Angeles and Seattle regions. This extends to relief aid for the state of Michigan, which is where Steve Ballmer was born. It should be noted that 40% of their donated funds will be presented to “The Washington Medicine Emergency Response Fund”, which is assisting Americans across the country by locating a possible vaccine for Covid-19.

Steve Ballmer previously was employed by the Microsoft Company, standing as one of their highest executives. He’d already donated $1 Million to community groups across the Los Angeles Region, who have been drastically impacted by the Covid-19 Pandemic. Additional donations from Ballmer in the last several days include $250,000.00 to the “Los Angeles County’s Office for Education”. Another $250k was provided to the “Los Angeles Unified School District”. Philanthropy comes naturally to Steve Ballmer after having a close working relationship with Bill Gates. Financial analysts aren’t surprised that he’s made substantial donations since the pandemic broke out.

Multiple sporting leagues in the Los Angeles Region compiled their resources, creating the “Los Angeles LKC Relief Fund”. It’s assisting local communities in the region and comprises of the Lakers, Kings & Clippers working together. This is one of the 1st times that the National Basketball Association and National Hockey League have worked together towards benefiting an entire population. It should be noted that Steve Ballmer is the wealthiest NBA owner, standing at a net worth of $51.8 billion.

Confirmed Infections with the NHL

Multiple athletes in the National Hockey League have contracted Covid-19 in the last fourteen days. The latest tested and confirmed for the novel coronavirus is listed with the Colorado Avalanches. Details on this player weren’t provided by team representatives, with them publicly expressing that this individual is committing to self-isolation measures.

It should be noted that this announcement wasn’t made until the Avalanche’s athlete recovered from Covid-19. His name isn’t being released for family and personal safety. Additional confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the NHL include two players with the Ottawa Senators. More players are expected to be approved before the pandemic is over.