Leclerc Desires 2020 World Championship

The youngest drivers in Formula One dream of the day when they’ll win the Drivers Championship. One of these athletes plans to reach his target before any of the competition, with Charles Leclerc confirming that he intends to acquire victory in the 2020 Driver’s Championship. This confirmation extended to the Ferrari driver mentioning that he’d refuse to lose in 2021, which is when competition between the top three teams will be ever more significant. It should be noted that Charles Leclerc is the highest performing driver this season, except for Lewis Hamilton. He out-qualified Sebastian Vettel, won more races and acquires pole position multiple times. Charles Leclerc is the only other young driver that is expected to rival Lewis Hamilton for dominance, with Max Verstappen having a formidable chance at winning championships in the next two years.

Alterations in the formula one legislation will provide Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton to have better chances at winning championships. These changes will follow after the 2020 season, with Mercedes AMG-Petronas holding dominance throughout the last several seasons with current legislation. This leads many to believe that Charles Leclerc is too hopeful with his 2020 goals of winning the driver’s championship. That title will fall to Lewis Hamilton or Valtteri Bottas. However, Charles would’ve had a better opportunity to win the 2019 Driver’s Championship if it wasn’t for strategical errors made by Ferrari. There were many moments were Charles himself had made mistakes. Those included crashing at Baku, Germany and Brazil. Numerous clashes against his teammate Sebastian Vettel also limited his capabilities in acquiring the driver’s championship.

Ocon on Verstappen Relationship

Formula one supporters are excited to see Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc battle for Ferrari dominance in 2020. However, there is another rivalry that’s be re-ignited throughout the upcoming season. Esteban Ocon is slated to return to Formula One following his termination from Racing Point in 2018. Throughout the 2019 season, Ocon stood-by as the backup driver for Mercedes AMG-Petronas.

Esteban wouldn’t ever be called into action, resulting in supporters never seeing him compete against Max Verstappen. That rivalry will restart at Melbourne in less than fifty days, with the two slated to clash against each other regularly. This follows after Esteban Ocon had struck Max Verstappen at Interlagos in 2018, prompting for Verstappen to spin out and lose his 1st place podium. The Dutchman attacked Esteban Ocon, which became one of the most-watched events in Formula One history. You can anticipate their battles to be some of the most exciting for the 2020 season.