Lewis Hamilton Attended Venue with Coronavirus Positive Patients

One of the most infamous athletes in motorsports confirmed that he attended a venue which has two guests have Covid-19. Since that venue, Lewis Hamilton has remained in self-isolation and confirmed that there hadn’t been any symptoms displayed. It should be noted that Hamilton came into direct contact with one of the established celebrities with Covid-19. Lewis was pictured with Idris Elba, with doctors not knowing if Elba contracted the virus before or after seeing Hamilton. Regardless, the F1 2019 Champion expressed that he’s feeling healthy and working out twice per day. It’s been seventeen days since Hamilton engaged with Idris Elba, meaning he’s surpassed the self-isolation period. Lewis did mention that he hopes the London-born actor will survive Covid-19.

When asked by reporters through video conference if he’d been tested, Lewis Hamilton noted that there are minimal tests available to citizens across the United Kingdom. That there are individuals in need more than himself and that because he isn’t displaying isn’t symptoms, there’s no point in wasting that testing kit. Considering that Hamilton owns a massive property on England and Monaco, self-isolation isn’t challenging for the six-time champion. He confirmed that he’d continue to implement social distancing and self-isolation measures for his safety, as well as the safety of his local community.

Lewis Hamilton continued his remarks to reporters by stating everyone needs to remain positive during this pandemic, that social distancing yourself is the best possible decision. Make sure to wash your hands with liquid soap for twenty-seconds or longer. It’s also recommended that individuals wash their mouths after coming into contact with family, friends or strangers. Hamilton extended this warning to supporters, hoping that they’ll all remain healthy in the coming months.

2020 Lost for Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton was expected to win his seventh world championship title in 2020. Unfortunately, the outbreak of Covid-19 could prompt the seasonal points to be altered and for his championship goals in 2020 to be terminated. This follows after multiple venues in the F1 Calendar have been postponed or cancelled. Those include Bahrain, Australia, Monaco, Italy, Spain, Vietnam and Hungary. Following the continued outbreak of Covid-19 and warnings from medical experts worldwide, additional postponements or cancellations could follow.