Lewis Hamilton is Ready for 2020

The excitement towards the 2020 Formula One Racing Season has begun. Lewis Hamilton provided a warning to all his rivals on the grid, informing them that he’d be competing against them in his best condition yet. This would mean an even stronger and more resilient version of Lewis Hamilton, who is already considered to be the 2nd most significant driver in Formula One history. This upcoming season marks a significant moment for Lewis Hamilton, with him potentially matching Michael Schumacher for several world championships. It should be noted that Lewis Hamilton won the 2019 Formula One Driver’s Championship, with eleven races won and 100+ points ahead of any other driver.

Lewis Hamilton will return to racing again on March 15th in Melbourne, Australia. Winning the first circuit this year would allow for Hamilton to stand at 85 Victories, with Michael Schumacher standing at 91 Grand Prix’s. Acquiring several more Grand Prix’s throughout the 2020 season will enable for Hamilton to defeat Schumacher for most victories ever won. The confirmation that he’s stronger than ever came with an Instagram post, where the ageing driver mentioned that his new home builds his mind and body. Hamilton suggested that he’s going to be a machine that nobody has ever seen before and dominate over the circuit. However, analysts don’t believe this statement holds any merit and that Hamilton will experience severe competition in 2020.

The technical regulations for the 2020 Formula One Season remain similar to 2019. Subsequently, it’s almost guaranteed that Lewis Hamilton will be victorious by Abu Dhabi 2020. This doesn’t mean that competitive teams like Red Bull and Ferrari won’t provide Mercedes-AMG with a challenge. Drivers like Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc are younger than Lewis Hamilton, which could work against him at 35 years of age. The superstar driver could be biting off more than he can chew. Whatever happens, going forward in 2020 will bring excitement and action to millions of viewers worldwide.

Mercedes Future in Formula One

The 2020 Season could mark the last instance of Lewis Hamilton competing in a Mercedes-AMG Petronas vehicle. The F1 team has begun debating their future with this sport during 2021, with Toto Wolff confirming that they might disband the organization. This comes after the organisation spends more than $4 billion yearly to operate its championship-level class. Lewis Hamilton confirmed that he wouldn’t return for 2021 in Mercedes-AMG Petronas doesn’t select him for placement or leaves the sport entirely.