Lewis Hamilton Knighted by The Queen

Becoming knighted by the Queen of England isn’t an easily accomplished task. Individuals obtaining this accolade have become prominent icons in their respective field or sport. Rarely are athletic personalities selected, with few champions from Great Britain deemed honourable of knighthood. That hasn’t been the case for Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time winning world champion of formula one. Most anticipated that the British Icon would become knighted one day, with Hamilton sustaining the title of MBE since 2008. Holding the ranking of “Member of the Order” is Great Britain’s 3rd highest accolade.

Politicians in Parliament didn’t consider Lewis Hamilton honourable enough of knighthood, with the driver stemming growth behind prominent issued like the Black Lives Matter Movement. BLM prompted riots & protests onto Great Britain’s Parliament, which evoked political disruptions from Hamilton being knighted. Those politicians were outweighed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who ensured that Lewis Hamilton was knighted by certifying the 34-year-old as an Overseas Diplomat. It technically means that Hamilton is now a government representative when attending international countries.

Sir Lewis Hamilton is the fourth formula one driver to acquire knighthood & could become the first knight of Great Britain to compete in F1 before retirement. All other drivers were knighted after retiring from racing. No guarantees are provided that Sir Lewis Hamilton will compete in formula one for the 2021 campaign. It should be mentioned that founder & co-founder of “Williams Racing” have also obtained knighthood, being the exclusive team principals in formula one with that honor. Those individuals include Sir Patrick Head & Sir Frank Williams.

No Contract for 2021

The last season wasn’t perfect for Sir Lewis Hamilton. Multiple headlines surrounded how the knighted driver refused to engage with his fellow competitors, claiming them & formula one to be racist. Behind closed doors it’s created problems for Sir Lewis Hamilton, problems that could witness his careers pre-emptive end. Mercedes AMG-Petronas hasn’t issued any announcements regarding Hamilton being resigned, with the upcoming campaign arriving by March 2021.