Mark McKenzie Reacts to Breonna Taylor Verdict

The Black Lives Matter Movement is growing against throughout America, which follows after the verdict regarding Breonna Taylor was released & the officers that killed this innocent woman were acquitted. It prompted Mark McKenzie from Philadelphia Union FC to hold a conference call, spreading an urgent message to anyone witnessing the live broadcast. It marks the 1st virtual conference call that Philadelphia Union FC has held without regarding an upcoming match.

The Louisville District Attorney refused to charge two police officers that fatally shot Breonna Taylor, the girlfriend of a suspect. Breonna was in her home when these officers shot violently through the house & struck Miss Taylor. She would die seconds later. Mark McKenzie couldn’t live with the unsatisfactory verdict issued by Louisville’s District Attorney, clarifying that all families involved in Breonna Taylor’s death have been unjustly treated for their skin colour. Mark McKenzie requested that those watching channel their anger towards America’s general elections, and to remove President Donald Trump from office immediately.

Mark McKenzie clarified that the American justice system failed an innocent woman that was horrifically shot down by law enforcement. That voting has become more critical than ever before in American history. McKenzie regarded that during this crucial period, everyone must positively encourage each other to vote from the right party & create a better environment for the next generation.

Louisville was explicitly selected for the prosecuting District Attorney’s Office, knowing that the landscape of Kentucky favours anything against the African Americans. It didn’t matter that these cops executed a search warrant for Breonna’s boyfriend & shot-down his girlfriend. It should be clarified that the only charges laid were to Detective Brett Hankinson, who was given a misdemeanour of reckless endangerment. Hankinson patrols the streets today & could commit a similar act at any time.

The Fallout

Political analysts expect that the fallout of Louisville’s District Attorney’s decision will be violent riots through metropolises in the United States. African American’s in the United States have grown tired of systematic racism and continued concern that their lives are possibly in-jeopardy whenever law enforcement is nearby.