McGregor Returning for 2020

The return of Conor McGregor in the has been long-anticipated since he announced his retirement in October 2018. After thirteen months, the prized fighter confirmed that he knows who he is fighting and that fans can see him return in the Octagon in January. This information was verified in Las Vegas for January 18th at the MGM Casino and Resort. Conor didn’t make the official announcement on who he will be facing, quoting that it would be cancelled if he pre-emptively mentioned the fight. However, Dana White confirmed the welterweight fight for UFC 246 and that McGregor would battle it out with Donald Cerrone.

Dana White confirmed this information while speaking with Brett Okamoto on ESPN Sport News, mentioned that both prized fighters are ready to battle it out in the octagon. This will be a highly anticipated fight, with Conor McGregor holding 21 Wins with only 4 Losses throughout his UFC/MMA Career. The last time fans got to see the prized fighter in the octagon was against Khabib Nurmagomedov in October 2018, where he was defeated by submission. After the loss, McGregor went an explosive tyrant throughout his public and professional life. This prompted a six-month suspension from the UFC, which Conor didn’t take lightly.

It has been known that Conor McGregor would return to the UFC again for more than eight months. Dana White confirmed that he wasn’t retiring back in April, mentioning that he would fight again and that they remain in contact. The rumour mill regarding the outcome of this fight is already beginning, with some claiming that McGregor’s younger age will assist him to victory. However, others are arguing that Cerrone with his 36 MMA Fights, has more knowledge than McGregor in the octagon.

McGregor’s Crucial Mistakes

Many sports analysts are still shocked that Dana White allowed for Conor McGregor to return to the UFC following his 2018 retirement. This is because of a video that was released in August 2019, where Conor McGregor punched an innocent individual in the head at the Marble Arch Pub in Dublin. He pleaded guilty to the single change of mischief, being fined only $1,100.00 for his wrongdoing. It could be the fact that McGregor mentioned he would never commit this behaviour again that Dana White accepted him back into the fighting league. Since that incident, McGregor hasn’t displayed any acts of violence in the public eye.