Mick Schumacher Competes for F1 Placement

The Son of Michael Schumacher is making his official debut into Formula One at the Nürburgring. It’s been confirmed that Mick Schumacher (F2 Driver for Prema Racing Academy” will take the helm of Alfa Romeo’s C39 during the first practice session of the Eifel Grand Prix. Michael Schumacher’s son will be competing against two formidable drivers, with those individuals being Robert Schwartzman & Callum Ilott. Supporters of Formula Two know that Shwartzman is more likely to receive placement with Haas, and Mick Schumacher with Alfa Romeo.

It’d mean Robert Schwartzman is having the better vehicle, which is deserved after the young driver has astonished the grid in his first year of F2 Racing. His skillsets often result in podium victories or placements for Robert Schwartzman, and Mick Schumacher has struggled to contend against Schwartzman’s prowess. It should be noted that Mick Schumacher couldn’t perform at Roberts level in his first F2 season, which was in 2019.

October 9th marks the opportunity for Mick Schumacher & Callum Ilott to test their first F1 vehicles. Mick Schumacher will control the Alfa Romeo Racing C39, with Callum Ilott testing for Haas with the VF-20. Robert Schwartzman will test the same VF-20 in December at Abu Dhabi. That’s because Schwartzman is a rookie in Formula Two and deserves additional time to physically master the G-Forces of those cars before testing an F1 vehicle. There’s an immediate difference of G-Forces, with F1 150kmh faster than F2.

Mick Schumacher surprised the Formula Two grid when overcoming Robert Schwartzman & entering 1st in the Drivers Standings. Obtaining the F2 Championship in his second season would guarantee Mick’s placement in Alfa Romeo, which is likely to depart with Kimi Raikkonen after the 2020 F1 Campaign.

Mick’s F1 History

Supporters of Alfa Romeo shouldn’t anticipate Antonio Giovinazzi in the first round of testing, with his C39 being awarded to Mick Schumacher. The Son of Michael Schumacher is being given nearly two hours to understand an F1 vehicle and learn the downforce grips required for this vehicle. Mick Schumacher has some experience behind former F1 cars from different generations, with Michael’s son driving his Scuderi Ferrari twice & placing identical lap times. It shouldn’t be that challenging for Mick to overcome the F1 G-Forces and acquire a considerable lap time at the Nürburgring.