Nico Hulkenberg Rumoured to Join Haas

Kevin Magnussen could find his placement with Haas being lost in 2021. Inside sources suggest that Nico Hulkenberg from Germany will replace Grosjean for next years F1 campaign. It’d mark the first change in the Haas driver lineup since 2016 and allow for Nico Hulkenberg to return after a minor delay from the motorsport.

Motorsport Italy is reporting that Gene Haas is looking to revise his Formula One team, as they enter their 6th season in the sport. Reports indicate Kevin Magnussen as the driver selected for termination, as details note a driver contract in its 4th year is coming to a close. Considering that Kevin Magnussen joined Haas in 2016, and Romain Grosjean has been active since Haas became active in Formula One during the 2014 campaign.

Kevin Magnussen is the better selection with revising the driver lineup, with Grosjean regularly outperforming Magnussen since 2016. Kevin has also garnered a reputation for crashing regularly and costing Gene Haas millions in repairs since joining the organization. Magnussen would make way for the inclusion of Nico Hulkenberg, who proved himself a viable driver during the “70th Anniversary Grand Prix at Silverstone” in 2020. Hulkenberg was permitted two races in the 2020 F1 Campaign, replacing Sergio Perez after the Mexican contracted COVID-19.

Hulkenberg In, Magnussen Out.

Reports from Motorsport Italy suggest that Nico Hulkenberg was being discussed by several of the ten teams active in Formula One. The unnamed inside source mentioned there was little doubt that the German driver would return for the 2021 Formula One Season. However, it wasn’t revealed which teams were seriously considering Hulkenberg. It’s presumed that Racing Point would’ve been reviewing Nico for a position in 2021 but are likely selecting Sebastian Vettel instead.

Whoever joins Haas will be their 4th driver in six seasons. Haas is known for selecting competitors that have a formidable history in the Formula One Paddock. That strategy changed with the contracting of Kevin Magnussen, which has backfired regularly for Gene Haas. Nico Hulkenberg could make amends for the mistakes that Magnussen had made over four seasons. Details on what Haas is planning for the 2021 Formula One Season won’t be revealed until early into next year.