P3 for Sebastian Vettel at Turkish GP

Drivers that compete in Formula One experience highs & lows, with driving capabilities dependent on the vehicle given by their teams. Sebastian Vettel in 2020 is the perfect example, being a four-time champion & legend in the F1 history books, nobody anticipated that Vettel would experience a horrendous season. Low maintenance & upgrades issued by Scuderia Ferrari in 2020 has seen Sebastian Vettel compete in his worst car to date. However, Vettel proved himself a champion again by placing his underpowered SF1000 into the third position. It’s the highest placement that Vettel has obtained in twelve months, with his last victory being Mexico 2019.

Sebastian Vettel is experiencing one of his worst & unfortunate seasons in Formula One, with the German Champion having maintained points in five of thirteen races this year. The best result supported by Vettel before November 15th was sixth at the Hungarian Grand Prix. Earning P3 at Istanbul Park for the Turkish Grand Prix is a respectful finish that shows F1, Sebastian Vettel can still compete against legends.

What made this podium finish glorious for Sebastian Vettel & supporters of the German driver is what was accomplished in the process. Charles Leclerc was in P3 until the final two corners of the last lap, where the Monaco-native would lockup his breaks & go off the track. Sebastian Vettel grabbed the slipstream of Sergio Perez in P2, allowing for an overtake on Charles Leclerc.

Sebastian Happy, Charles Angry.

Vettel was pleased with his podium finish, thanking Scuderia Ferrari in his Italian accent. The reaction given by Charles Leclerc was disturbing & likely prompted an internal backlash from team leaders. Leclerc called himself an idiot, cursing numerous times over radio. If SkySports hadn’t pre-emptively accounted for the swearing of Charles Leclerc, children worldwide would’ve been violently introduced to unfavourable words. Leclerc has apologized profusely for his actions & clarified he wouldn’t act immaturely going forward.