Pakistan won against South Africa in World T20 Super Eights

Pakistan won against South Africa after thrilling Super Eights just beacuse of Bowlers like Ajmal and Umer Gul. When we extract Cricket History of Pakistan Cricket Team we come to know that Pakistan was unpredictable, is predictable and will be unpredictable in almost every Match regardless that was hard to play or not. Pakistan cricket team having lots of Spinners and because of this skills they becomes more dangerous in respect of Cricket game. We are well aware that South Africa is emerging as good Team and how maturely they play against Pakistan spinners is discussed able but still how we can forget that other Team is Pakistan not England which is totally based upon Calculation. Pakistan Team is beyond the analyst thinking.

Pakistan won against South Africa

No one can analyze what will be the results when Pakistan team Play. It looks like that may be Pakistan Team is already control the scoreboard and place the number as they like to make Match more and more Interesting and this is the Only Reason that Pakistan is having numbers of Cricket Fans as whole. since the Starts of last Friday Match it looks that Pakistan will win easily against South Africa because that Pitch was in favor of Spinners and M.Hafeez makes an strategy to utilize them till the end of Match. Pakistan Team’s Bowling Line do their duty and resists South African’s Players just at 133. But in second Innings the situation of Match totally changed and South Africa’s Spinners starts their wicket Taking Journey. The Top and Middle Order of Batting line from Pakistan could not reserve their berth for long time at Pitch and finally Pakistan is playing with only one Batsmen.

After Shahid Afridi loses their Wicket Umer Gul Comes up and played just like batsmen although he is not. He scored 34 with just 17 Balls. It looks that rain of Sixes and fours was over there in Colombo.M. Hafeez was looking disappointed before the Gul Performance. After making 34 Saeed Ajmal comes and makes a winning four score and finally result was over there in the favor of Pakistan Team. Pakistan won against South Africa in World T20 Super Eights and this Friday night becomes an important night for Pakistan Cricket Fans.