Paul Pogba Victim of Racial Abuse

During this week, the Manchester United team were much offended by many racial comments which were made on social media platforms concerning Paul Pogba. The 26-year old player missed a penalty for the team in a match against the Wolves. He then became the third victim playing for Man United, who were abused with racial comments on social media for the failure to score.

Harry Maguire’s Call

Harry Maguire, a teammate of Pogba, requested that social media companies take some action against these people who express racial comments. He is only one of the teammates who is deeply upset by the remarks of individual supporters. The general feeling from for club’s side is that Manchester United strives towards unity. Whenever supporters express their disappointment in this manner, they are disrespecting the club’s values and ethics. They do however find some comfort in the fact that an abundance of supporters did, however, condemn the statements of specific individuals.

Identifying Those Responsible for the Racial Abuse

The club is evident on the matter that they don’t accept any form of abuse. Racism within the club won’t be tolerated on any level. They have also been involved in campaigns which condemn this kind of behaviour, for a while already. Furthermore, the club stated that they would try their best to determine the identity of these people and the most reliable possible action while be taken against them. The request was also made to social media platforms to show the same zero-tolerance attitude to such behaviour. A suggestion was also made that individuals need to confirm their identity before being able to open any form of social media accounts so that people are forced to take responsibility for their words on these platforms. Since the incident happened, it seems that not only were some of these comments deleted, but also entire accounts were taken down.

Pogba Scored the Second Time Around

After this much-criticized miss of a penalty, Pogba did achieve some success in the second half and managed a successful penalty against the Wolves. This lead to a 1-1 draw for the match. The situation surrounding Pogba is nothing new in the world of football. Several other players have also been abused with racial comments on social media. This includes Yakou Meite, the midfielder for Reading who were at the receiving end of these kinds of comments after a 3-0 win against Cardiff.

Tammy Abrahams, the striker for Chelsea, has also been targeted in the past. He missed a penalty during the UEFA Super Cup Final while playing against Liverpool. Abrahams responded that he would let the quality of the game which he plays speak for him against these racists. According to the anti-discrimination group, Kick It Out, the list of players who are abused or has been abused in the past is only getting longer. More strict action needs to be taken in this matter.