Premier League Predictions

Liverpool and Tottenham kick things off this weekend for Saturday afternoon football followed by the Wolves and Burnley clash, while West Ham is up against Everton. There’s also an interesting match line-up for Monday night between Brighton and Southampton. Below you will find predictions for all the upcoming games this weekend.

Liverpool vs. Tottenham – 15 September 2018

Liverpool is certainly fancied in this game due to their counter-attack style. This match will undoubtedly have a bigger impact for Tottenham as oppose to Liverpool as the Spurs just cannot afford to lose here, especially after what occurred at Watford. If you wish to win titles in the Premier League, you’ll be required to win these matches, and therefore Liverpool will certainly be judged this weekend. There’s no reason why they shouldn’t beat Tottenham on Saturday, and therefore we predict Liverpool will beat Tottenham 2-1.

Manchester City vs Fulham – 15 September 2018

It should come as no surprise that this will be a home win for Man City. The only question is, by how many goals? If you watched the game between Brighton and Fulham, you would have noticed the ball being passed around at the back while they were up by two goals. However, if Fulham decide to play in the same manner against Manchester City, they are going to be hammered. We are predicting that Man City will destroy Fulham 4-0.

Wolves vs Burnley – 16 September 2018

Fans will definitely look forward to this game on Sunday, especially if you fancy the Wolves. They play fantastic football and always seem to play forward. If there’s no drastic injuries or changes, this should be an easy home win. Burnley will be ready after a two-week break as they are in serious trouble this season. The Clarets produced some huge results in the previous season but can’t seem to recreate them this time around. We predict that the Wolves will defeat Burnley at home 2-1.

Everton vs West Ham – 16 September 2018

This is going to be a massive game. If West Ham manages to get crushed this weekend, they could experience an awful season as their next two fixtures are Man Utd and Chelsea, which means they could essentially start the season with seven consecutive defeats. However, the Toffeemen have loads of key players missing this weekend, and in all fairness to the Hammers, they could have defeated the Wolves and Arsenal if they had a bit of luck. Therefore, we are predicting a draw on Sunday.

Southampton vs Brighton – 17 September 2018

This will, in all likelihood, result in a home win for Southampton as Brighton has a habit of letting fans down when they play away from home. It’s a rather odd record when they play with such confidence at home. We believe they get caught up between twisting and sticking on the road, making it extremely difficult to accumulate points within the Premier League. Danny Ings could potentially make a difference as he is quite a phenomenal player. Therefore, we predict Southampton to beat Brighton 2-0 in their upcoming game.