Premier League Suspension for Coronavirus

Football supporters throughout Great Britain and the United Kingdom were disappointed to learn that suspensions have been implemented on all professional sporting leagues until April. This extends to the British Premier League, European Football League, Women’s Football Championship and Women’s Super League. It’s anticipated that the Premier League will begin on April 4th. However, the situation surrounding the coronavirus will be re-evaluated before that date to ensure public safety. Considering that the rate of infection doubled on March 13th, sporting analysts believe that the April 4th re-launch is too hopeful. This followed after statements were made by Dan Roan, the British Broadcasting Companies Sports Editor.

There are individuals like Greg Clarke, the Football Association Chairman, who’s concerned extend towards entire seasons having to be cancelled. This would be a challenging thing for football supporters, athletes and coaches to respect. It should be noted that the England National Football Team plans to enter Italy on March 27th for a match-up, with a new game coming on March 31st against Denmark. Additional leagues planning to start within the next four weeks include the European Football League, who announced that formal games would begin on April 3rd. All teams in the EFL were advised to terminate player appearances and non-essential activities outside training.

The European 2020 Playoffs are likely to be terminated, which comes after the Federation of International Football Associations recommended that all matches should be cancelled going forward. This includes Ireland, Scotland and the United Kingdom, which were slated to have their respective championships begin on March 26th. It’s now been moved to April 1st, with the potential of additional postponements coming. Cancellations were forced onto multiple sporting leagues on March 12th, which came after world government implemented restrictions onto mass gatherings. Below we’ve provided a list of additional sporting venues that have been terminated globally.

The Postponements

  • London Marathon postponed until October 4th, 2020.
  • Champions League & Europa Leagues terminated for an unknown amount of time.
  • The 2020 Cycling Giro Italia cancelled by twelve months.
  • England Versus Sri Lanka Test Series cancelled.
  • The 2020 Master Tournament is postponed for an unknown period.
  • Formula One postponed until April 5th.
  • Formula Electric cancelled until June 1st.