Recap on the Japanese Grand Prix

An event disrupted by the forces of nature as super Typhoon Hagibis made landfall in Japan, causing Suzuka circuit to shut down for the day. This too became an event which will, however, be known as one of thrilling excitement, a moment of glory for some amidst the sorrow and devastation which the typhoon left in its tracks. Let’s explore the winners and the losers of the day.

Ferrari wasn’t off to a great start, and that helped Mercedes to confirm their 12th victory in 17 races. Mercedes set a new record with winning the constructor’s championship for the sixth consecutive time as they are incredibly creative in the turbo-hybrid development. With Ferrari out of the race it was between Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton to clinch the podium position, and with Bottas claiming the title, Mercedes set another record of becoming the first constructor to have their driver also win a sixth consecutive championship title.

Valtteri Bottas Setting a Record

It has been a five-month drought for Bottas since he last felt the great sensation of winning. His previous victory being the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. Bottas delivered an excellent performance from the moment he made his perfect launch. He was in absolute control the entire time, and through his enormous effort, he became the first driver in 31 runs on the Suzuka circuit to win from a starting position in the second row. Bottas truly deserved the win, a win which was the 99th win in Formula 1 history for Mercedes.

Max Verstappen at the Losing End

Even though Verstappen shared in the high hopes which Red Bull cultivated for the weekend in Japan, they failed miserably to compete on the same level as Ferrari and Mercedes during the qualifying rounds. His fifth place on the grid was his worst ever at Suzuka since he started racing for Red Bull in 2016. Not only had the Dutchman complaints about his car being slow, but his fortune in the race was soon minimized when he was pinched into a spin while fighting for the third position by Leclerc. This sent him sliding off into the grass and causing damage to his car, which in the end resulted in forcing him to stop.

Williams Team Falling Short on Spare Parts

During gusty weather, Robert Kubica crashed his car in the qualifying rounds on Friday. This meant that the Williams team exerted themselves to ensure that he will be able to race on Sunday. The team had to replace the entire chassis of his car only a mere few hours before the race. Hence throughout the race, he seemed to lack confidence in his car and the frustration built up because the Williams team denied him the new parts which his car had before the crash to race. William’s team crashed in the qualifiers, but their exact cause for being in the crowd of the losers is fuelled by their lack of having sufficient spare parts on hand.