Renault Factory in Enstone Welcomes Fernando Alonso

Enstone is a small village in Great Britain, which is home to multiple Formula One manufacturing facilities. This includes the French auto-manufactures, Renault, who just welcomed the 3rd return of their two-time champion. Fernando Alonso has officially been seen walking through the Renault F1 Factory in Enstone, England.

Fernando Alonso was introduced to his latest engineers with Renault F1, with a small percentage knowing the two-time champion from his previous time with the motorsport team. These engineers are facing notable changes at Renault, similar to Fernando Alonso. Next year, Renault is leaving Formula One & being rebranded into Alpine Racing. The concern for Fernando Alonso’s engineers is that their positions won’t be required under Alpine’s acquisition.

Renault’s Instagram & Twitter both released images of Fernando Alonso, brandishing the team colours while walking around the Enstone Factory. It marks the 1st time that Alonso has engaged with Formula One since leaving McLaren after the 2018 season. Fernando representing the Renault team colours won’t be for long, with Alpine’s visuals considerably different. It should be noted that Alonso was pictured with Ciaron Pilbeam.

Minutes after Renault released the image of Fernando Alonso to their Twitter & Instagram, Fernando Alonso tweeted that it’s thrilling to return back to Renault’s Enstone factory. Alonso emphasized his knowledge behind Renault, and how he knows every corner of the Enstone auto-manufacturing facility. Alonso would’ve first stepped inside the factory in 2002, when he was 21 Years Old.

Vote of Confidence

Supporters of Fernando Alonso will see the two-time champion likely test Renault’s F1 car during the 2020 Post-Season. That’s because Renault Team Boss, Cyril Abiteboul, has requested that the FIA permit Alonso to test. It’ll enable Renault to determine where Fernando’s skillsets are as a middle-aged adult.

Cyril Abiteboul has emphasized multiple times that Renault (Alpine Racing in 2021) won’t consider themselves championship contenders, with focus direct onto the 2022 Formula One Campaign. That’s when new racing measures are being implemented & the overall grid will compete at greater lengths. FIA racing regulations were meant to arrive in 2021 but was postponed when the COVID-19 pandemic broke-out.