Review of UFC Vegas 12

The Ultimate Fighting Championship made its formal return to Nevada with UFC Vegas 12. It’s main event pitted Anderson Silva vs Uriah Hall, prompting notable excitement for weeks. Nobody was aware that it’d mark the final fight for Anderson Silva’s UFC career, with the former Middleweight Champion slated for another bout after Uriah Hall. Dana White couldn’t support future fights with Anderson Silva upon getting TKO’d. Additionally, the stamina witnessed by Silva wasn’t of Championship status & showed an ageing superstar consider another future in professional MMA with Bellator.

Anderson Silva didn’t receive a 2nd final fight in the UFC. However, his bout with Uriah Hall was enough to account for his last entrances into the Octagon. The first two rounds saw Anderson Silva hold contention over Uriah Hall, landing multiple jabs & kicks with a flurried approach. However, there was a notable shift of dominance once Uriah Hall began throwing his righthand overarm jabs. Silva avoided the majority of Hall’s overarm jabs, with one landing & prompting Anderson to fall onto his back. Anderson’s saviour was the bell being called moments after receiving an overarm jab from Hall.

Walking into the fourth round saw history repeat itself, with Uriah Hall striking Anderson to the octagon matt. Uriah proceeded to unleash a flurry of punches onto Silva’s face, prompting Referee Herb Dean to call the main event. The former Middleweight Champion was seen holding onto the leg of Herb Dean, scrambling to grab his footing. It showed weakness of stamina & strength in Anderson Silva’s older age.

The Legendary One Returns

Another historical fighter in the UFC returned on October 31st. Alexander Hernandez competed against Chris Gruetzemacher after becoming a hated figure amongst UFC supporters. His ignorance towards fighters like Drew Dober, Donald Cerrone, and Francisco Trinaldo became despised by fans. Supporters were treated to a new version of Alexander Hernandez, one that’s more respectful & capable of fighting. Fighting against Chris Gruetzemacher, Alexander Hernandez would stand victorious with a TKO. It’s an influential return for Hernandez after training for months in Colorado with a new team. Displaying these skillsets regularly will prompt Hernandez to return to UFC Championship contention.