Reyes Losses to Jon Jones

The UFC Light Heavyweight Belt went to the wrong man, or that’s what Dominick Reyes believes after fighting Jon Jones. Headlining the main event at UFC 247, the long-time champion of this weight class defeated Dominick Reyes on the judge’s approval alone. Crowds at the Toyota Centre in Houston booed the results, indicating that viewers believed Reyes should’ve won as well. Numerous individuals on social media have come to the defence of Jon Jones, noting that he won the fourth and fifth champion rounds of UFC 247.

The 4th and 5th round is considered the hardest for any ultimate fighter, with only the best able to muster up the strength and dominate their opponent. Dominick Reyes was immediately overtaken by Jon Jones in these rounds, with the champion doing an incredible job to wear down the stamina of this Mexican-American over the first three rounds. We believe that Jon Jones deserved this victory and that the title of “Greatest of All Time” is deserving for this long-time champion.

This didn’t stop Dominick Reyes from expressing that he felt disrespect from these results, noting that the judge’s placed the matchup to strictly at 49-46. Reyes believes he won the fight in the heart of fans and UFC executives. Dana White himself noted that Reyes is the future of this division, with a rematch between these two fighters on New York soil anticipated. This would allow the UFC to employ their respective judges instead of the Houston Commission imploring their own.

The Champ Responds

Jon Jones didn’t take the immediate response to his victory lightly, with him expressing the anger and saying who gives a shit? That none of them were judges. Jones mentioned that he’d dominated over Dominick Reyes with stamina and strategic punches, which is the reality. Fans of the UFC demand bloody and violent fights, with the best battles taking to the clinches and employing healthy strategies. This might make the action less passionate and exciting, but it’s better forms of fighting that any logical judge will recognize.

Most have conventionally agreed that the first and second round was taken by Dominick Reyes, with the third round being tied between both fighters. When it applies to the final two rounds, it was Jon Jones that won. This marks the 1st time that Dominick Reyes has lost a fight in the UFC.