Ricciardo Joining McLaren in 2021

Alterations in the Formula One lineup was made after Sebastian Vettel confirmed that he’d be parting ways with Ferrari after 2020. Vettel couldn’t accept that the contract Ferrari was offering was worth half of the $40 million he’s conventionally received over the last five seasons. After refusing to negotiate towards a lowered salary, Sebastian Vettel was terminated by Mattia Binotto and will lose his seat with Ferrari in 2021. Replacing Vettel will be Carlos Sainz from McLaren, a Spanish-born driver that it suspected to rival Charles Leclerc for championship status with Ferrari.

Formula One supporters immediately questioned who’d be replacing Carlos Sainz for McLaren, with the team revealing through social media that Daniel Ricciardo will join the Orange Papayas in 2021. This decision has sat well with Renault, who’d anticipated that Ricciardo would drive with them for a prolonged period.

Renault’s Team Boss made ignorant remarks regarding Daniel’s decision. However, Ricciardo’s contract with Renault ends after 2020. He provided this team two seasons to achieve a championship-winning car, which was promised to Daniel but never delivered by Renault engineers. Ricciardo is looking to obtain an F1 Championship after leaving Red Bull – Astron Martin Racing in 2018, with McLaren being his best chance after this outfit acquired 4th in the constructor’s championship last season.

Zac Brown Reflects

Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo will now partner together for the foreseeable future. Zac Brown, the Owner and Team Boss of McLaren Racing, provided insight into their decision. He noted that they’ve actively worked to acquiring Daniel Ricciardo since he left Red Bull, with this new contract being beneficial for everyone involved. Brown remarked that signing Daniel completed another step in their long-term plans, meaning that McLaren plans to provide Ricciardo with a championship. This won’t likely be possible until 2022, which is when the new F1 Regulations will be enforced.

Zac Brown also provided his thanks towards Carlos Sainz, with the McLaren CEO revealing that Carlos did a formidable job while driving for them. He helped their performance recovery plan drastically, showing a man that is a team player. We wish him nothing but the best of luck after departing from McLaren. It should be noted that Sainz will most likely compete against Lando Norris and Daniel Riccardo with his Ferrari. McLaren has nearly reached top-three team status.