Ricciardo Won’t Leave F1 till 35 or Older

Formula One supporters shouldn’t anticipate their most hysterical & enjoyable driver to leave the motorsport anytime soon. It was confirmed by Daniel Ricciardo that he’ll remain a prominent force in Formula One until 35, with the possibility of remaining contracted afterwards depending on his chances of winning regularly. Ricciardo admitted to motorsport reporters that it’d be challenging for him to not continue onwards permitting that he’s sustaining podium positions.

Daniel Ricciardo will return to a podium-winning team again in 2021, with the Australian contracted to McLaren until 2022s season has concluded. When that time has arrived, Ricciardo will have passed thirty-three years of age & will become one of the oldest drivers in Formula One. Supporters would be shocked to see Ricciardo retire that young with McLaren. However, the Australian believes that if winning opportunities haven’t arrived by 33, then they’ll likely never come again after leaving Red Bull Racing in 2018.

The Australian Badger is the 3rd oldest driver competing on the Formula One Grid in 2020, which will return to 4th when Fernando Alonso returns in 2021. The oldest competitor is Kimi Raikkonen, aged forty-one. It’s expected that Raikkonen will retire after 2021, making him the oldest driver in Formula One history. Daniel Ricciardo never wants to reach a similar position, knowing that it’s better to stand under a legacy of near wins than prominent losses at the back grid. Raikkonen was once a champion that’s now regularly placing P15 to P20.

Ricciardo decision based on skills

Daniel Ricciardo emphasised that his decision to compete will be determined by how competitive his skillsets are for McLaren, or any other team that might be considering him for contract. Ricciardo looked towards Nico Rosberg, who left on an unquestionable high as F1 World Champion. Few drivers have retired a champion & it’s left Rosberg with an undeniable legacy, something Ricciardo seems to desire similarly.

The Australian is likely saying he’s trying one final time with McLaren, which comes after switching three teams in four years. Ricciardo cannot risk continued losses & destroy whatever legacy he’s created in F1.