Rossi Considering Yamaha Petronas Switch

MotoGP fans were shocked to find out that Valentino Rossi is considering changing teams for 2021. This comes after the championship motorcyclist confirmed that he’d be willing to move over to Yamaha Petronas SRT. However, this decision would happen if it benefited and prolonged his championship career. Rossi made this confirmation during a time where Yamaha faces hard choices going forward for their driver lineup in 2021. Yamaha Petronas SRT must debate between Fabio Quartararo or Valentino Rossi. It’s a matter of new blood versus old, with most analysts speculating that Yamaha will select the younger option for 2021.

Yamaha Petronas SRT will have to compete against Ducati for Fabio Quartararo, with the Italians looking to secure this motorcyclist for the 2020 campaign. If this were to happen, Rossi would somewhat be confirmed for placement with Yamaha. This would mark the first time that Rossi would swap places with another driver, but there’s always the chance that this ageing driver will retire come the 2021 season. Everything is debatable for Rossi, with the championship cyclists noting that he doesn’t see any difference by switching to Petronas. He indicated that he’d like to remain with Monster Energy Racing going forward, but with three potential drivers being considers for MER, the chances of Rossi holding his placement is minimal.

Rossi’s Position on Yamaha Petronas SRT

Valentino Rossi continued his statements to Autosport Magazine, where he clarified that Yamaha Petronas SRT is an incredible team and that if he were elected, it would take a considerable period for him to master the new M1 motorcycle. Rossi noted that having time to make his decision would be beneficial but that everything changes at the beginning of the year and he won’t know his future until a few weeks before the first race in 2021. It should be noted that Valentino Rossi himself doesn’t believe that he should continue riding unless his performance improves in the 2020 campaign.

The former championship title-holder clarified that he’s a privileged driver to have the decision on his future, with most being pushed out before their time is up. Valentino Rossi expressed that its an honour to choose when you retire but that he doesn’t want to if his body can hold up going forward. He also mentioned that maintaining the M1 would be challenging, with it being the faster motorcycle on the grid. Whatever happens to Valentino Rossi in the future, he’ll historically be remembered as one of the most excellent motorcyclists in MotoGP history.