Solskjaer Wants 1999 Spirit Back at Manchester United

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has recently told reporters that he wants to rebuild his Manchester United squad in the mould of his Treble winners from 1999. He also stated that he is not too concerned about Manchester City surpassing their achievement by claiming a Quadruple. Solskjaer is now two weeks into his permeant manager role after obtaining a three-year deal to replace Jose Mourinho finally.
Solskjaer and Manchester United

The Norwegian football manager has concerning short-term goals which include the Champions League quarterfinal match against Barcelona at Old Trafford and finishing the Premier League season in the top 4. However, he is already focusing more on the future as well and, two decades after the most successful season for Manchester United stated that he is aiming to rebuild a team with the same spirit and fight going forward.

“We aimed to challenge each other each day during training,” Ole Gunnar Solskjaer informed reporters. “There were several fights, and there was primarily inner justice that we haven’t seen much of in most clubs. We were never able to accept any player below par during training. We ensured that we won every game and if it didn’t happen, we would kick each other. That philosophy was introduced into our games, and it allowed us never to give up. We had phenomenal spirit in the team.

“I want each of my players to truly push each member in the team and demand 100% attitude towards each other every day. This will be the only way we can improve which will lead the team to win more games. Back in 1999, we certainly had something extraordinary. It’s a completely different group at the moment, and the only challenge that lies ahead of me is: ‘How can I transform these players into winners we once were?’”

Solskjaer and the Champions League

Solskjaer will participate in the Treble union match with the rest of the 1999 cast against Bayern Munich in the Champions League at Old Trafford on 26 May 2019. This will occur precisely two decades after Manchester United defeated Bayern Munich at Camp Nou.

It’s highly possible by then that Manchester City will prepare for their final stretch to claim their Quadruple before the Champions League final that will take place on 1 June 2019 in Madrid.
Manchester United are still part of the Champions League tournament and will need to play against Barcelona during the quarterfinals. However, Solskjaer, who was recently at Camp Nou to witness Barcelona’s win against Atletico Madrid, stated that preserving the status on his team’s Treble is the last thing on his mind at the moment.

“Fans of Manchester United want us to claim a victory on Wednesday because they want to claim a victory as a fan,” stated Solskjaer. “I believe we need to see what we can achieve instead of stopping others from achieving something.”

Solskjaer needs to aim quite high as the new manager for Manchester United. Let’s hope he achieves all his demands!